Gossiper - Plugin to say what is happening when you are looking it

As you can see in the discussion Control to CV - HMI Widget popup message on the screen, I’m developing a plugin for enable to us, person that doesn’t have (yet) a Control Chain device, see what is happening when you are using another device for controlling your Mod Dwarf equipment. So, if you are using a, for instance, Chocolate Midi or another equipment like this, you can use the Gossiper for get some visual feedback that what is happening.

The ideia for using it is quite simple:

  1. You assign for a parameter Footswitch or Pot with the equipment what will send midi message;
  2. You assign some of the parameters Assign to notfy to a device and choose with page the notifications will appears in. There are four Assign to notfy parameters, so you can define four equipment pages for showing messages. On the above images, I am configuring to see the news on Page 3 - Subpage I
  3. Use the correspondent CV outputs for make your desired action, probably turn on/off a plugin or change other plugin parameter value.

And that is.

Note: The second option is necessary due a LV2 HMI limitation.

Maybe the mod team will improves and enable to showing popup messages when a parameter of a plugin is changed. When it occurs, I think that this plugin will be useless.

But while it doesn’t occurs, we can know what is happening by our favorite gossiper. :slight_smile:


What a great idea, can’t wait to try and get in configured with my Chocolate!

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Hi @LievenDV. I’m happy that you are interested in. Currently the source that refers to potentiometer is quite unstable, but I think that the footswiches part are ok. I’m using it on my rehearsals :slightly_smiling_face:.

If you have Docker installed on your machine, you can easily install it with four or five commands. If you like to be an alpha tester (just like am I), please ping me that I can instruct you how do install it.

Cool idea! Looking forward to this!

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I have no idea what that is

yeah testing sounds cool

Hello, all

I send a pull request for mod-plugin-builder,

i.e., I send a request to add this pedal into beta library. I’m not sure with more steps are required for it and its brother tetr4-switch been into beta category.


hi @SrMouraSilva … is there any progress towards getting these into the plugin store?

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that would be more up to me now, will pay attention to some open PRs after some more neural model related stuff is handled