I am looking for a MIDI controller that can display a specific message when it receives a MIDI CC

I am looking for a MIDI controller that can display a specific message when it receives a MIDI CC.
I am controlling dwarf with a MIDI controller.
However, dwarf does not pop up on the display when controlled by MIDI, so I cannot visually see the current state.
This is critical…

“Gosipper” can be used to display the popup, but the message cannot be changed.

So when dwarf sends MIDI, the controller receives a specific response MIDI, and I want to display a specific message on the MIDI controller side.
Is there such a controller?
I don’t like anything too big.

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This is something that is bothering me too.I have not tried it yet, but this thing looks like it may be able to do pretty much anything. I have a Morningstar MC6 but this baby is way up on my list to try out: Graviton M2 MIDI Controller (Back-order, shipping July 15th) – Luminite Effect Pedals

Maybe it can solve the issue. Has anyone tried the Graviton?

Is it faster to make it myself already…?
How about a controle chain? If it works stably, I’ll make it myself with arduino.

I haven’t tried THIS yet, but it looks like it would beat the Graviton up and take its lunch money: https://mortrix.io/ (like you, I have a Morningstar MC6, FWIW)

Forget control chain, but a teensy or Arduino based midi controller it is not hard

I am using a PedalinoMini but cannot process incoming midi… Should not be hard to implement anyway

You could use an app on an iPhone, iPad, or Android phone or tablet running an app like SongBook or similar that can respond to a midi command with a text or file that you define. Look in the app stores for your device for SongBook. It would require either Bluetooth or wired midi between the Mod device and the app device. There are also similar apps for PC and Mac, I think SongBook also runs in those. You can use these apps like midi controlled teleprompters. There are other out there. But I find SongBook has a great feature set and multiple levels of buy-in, free/cheap/everything. There are some free ones out there, just not as snazzy.
Good luck and let us know what you decide on. Interesting topic.

Good point. TouchOSC could be a good example

Oh sweet - that thing does look nice. Will need to look into that, thanks!

I would like to make my own MIDI controller using Radxa Zero.
I would like to use a QLED display to display it graphically.
Receiving CC, displaying any message, operating knobs, displaying, etc,
I will have full control over the mod DWARF.

If you are in the coding mood, and since you are going to use a decent CPU, you could consider using the mod-ui or mod-host API instead of midi

If you search the forum there was some discussion about a lightweight ui


I was referring to GitHub - moddevices/mod-controller-proto: Protocol definitions for the MOD Devices controllers

Look at this thread MOD OSS - Will you help to improve it? - #54 by steve

I saw that thread.
Very interesting project.
Am I correct in interpreting that I can use the API by connecting the Linux SBC and Dwarf via USB, without using MIDI?
This may be one correct answer.

Via network. Over USB or wifi of you have a suitable dongle

It might be a bit overkill to use a Linux computer to build a MIDI controller. If I would really want to use a graphical interface, I’d probably go for an ESP32 (or even ESP8266). It can work with a touch screen using LVGL — Light and Versatile Embedded Graphics Library. You already have a display with ESP32 on it for about 15 euros: 2.8 Inch Display Screen ESP32 for Arduino LVGL WIFI BT Development Board 240*320 2.8 inch LCD TFT Module with Touch WROOM - AliExpress 7.

Agree. But the board mentioned by @fxsimone costs less than the lilygo-t-display-S3 I used for my PedalinoMini build, and allows to interface the dwarf over network (e.g. reading the json describing the banks or the pedalboards).

If I would start now from scratch I would go for a rpi0-2W or similar with a small touchscreen, some push button via GPIO and TouchOSC and some network based script

It is true that linux seems to be exaggerated.
But I am used to linux.
I am considering using reterminal.
I am also considering using pico.
I am very worried.

You should for sure work with the systems you are familiar with if you want to get the job done efficiently. For me it is always the challenge to do it as cheap as possible while maintaining the right functionality and quality. Not saying that I’m good at it :slight_smile:

And you shouldn’t be worried.