UI - User-Preset Assignment kinda fails + Improvement suggestion

I made a simple preset list and assigned it on a footswitch
to toggle trough:

Some would expect, to now being able toggle around beginning with
“med” to “shrt” to “grw” …and back to “med” and again…

instead, there is a 4th preset I don´t know how to get rid of
called “default”…

obviously, this “default” preset isn´t needed.
How can I clear this out?


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When you use the “Assign all” function, the factory presets are also on the list under the user presets. This can be annoying when you only use the latter but it’s the way it works right now. Choosing the presets we assign is definitely a needed feature.

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Referring to…

to "so we can have a controller which cycles through only our own presets, eliminating a factory “default” or other factory presets from the list. "

Okay, IMHO this looks like a high priority wish - :exploding_head: :rage:

Also, I would suggest improving it like this maybe:

“Assigning User Preset Selection”

  • Only checked presets gets into the “Assign User Preset” bucket…

I already ran into the circumstance to use multiple, similar plugins -
and it´s awesome to see all User-Presets - BUT
this really would improve it !!



Thanks MOD, for fixing the case!!!
So happy, it works now - “Default” is gone :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:

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huh?! really?! when i do an assign all (to a device knob), i’m still seeing Default in the list when i scroll through the presets.

i’m on a Dwarf running

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wtf… double checked right now (also connected)
My biggy´s gone :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth: :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth: :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

… have you tried using the MDW disconnected from the Computer?
I surely saved its preset manually on the machine too… maybe that changed it…
sorry, can’t figure it out
support wanted!

now i’m confused! :person_shrugging: there’s no way to make or save a plugin preset manually on the device, right? …so now i’m not sure if we’re talking about the same thing…

i’m observing that if i use “Assign All” in the plugin parameters window to assign the plugin presets to a Dwarf knob, then the factory Default preset shows in the scrollable list on the device, along with any existing User presets. this is true whether or not i’m connected to the browser GUI. <------ is this actually the same thing you’re talking about?

indeed, pedalboard snapshots are different: you can save and delete them on the Dwarf directly, including the ability to delete “Default”.

my personal summary of what should be improved is this:

  1. plugin presets should be selectable during “Assign All”, such that we can have different subsets of a plugin’s presets available for selection in different pedalboards (including the option to not select “Default”).

  2. pedalboard snapshots should also be selectable during “Assign All”, such that we can have different subsets of a pedalboard’s snapshots available in different performing situations.

  3. the order of both lists - plugin presets and pedalboard snapshots - should be controllable.


after wiggling on the rotaries, you see this…
but, as said -
i really don’t know if that was the reason why I get a proper solution

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see?.. ‘DEFAULT’ went poof
Maybe I’m a lucky man

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ok… something strange seems to be going on here…

please confirm if this corresponds to what you’re doing:

  1. make a pedalboard which contains a plugin which has saved user presets.
  2. in that plugin’s parameters window, use “Assign All” to assign preset selection to a Dwarf footswitch.
  3. disconnect the Dwarf from the UI-host computer.
  4. hit the Menu button.
  5. hit the leftmost of the 3 buttons below the knobs, to Save something - this yields the question, “What would you like to save?”
  6. hit that button again, to indicate you want to save the pedalboard.
  7. hit that button again to actually save the pedalboard - this yields the question, “Are you sure you want to overwrite the current pedalboard?”
  8. hit that button again to confirm the save - this returns you to the Control Mode of the pedalboard.
  9. use the assigned footswitch to scroll through the presets list.

at step 9, i am always still seeing Default in my presets list. you’re saying it disappears? …or is there something i’m missing in my procedure, above?.. or is this not repeatable for you? have you tried this starting from a blank pedalboard, with only one plugin in it?

@falkTX is there anything in this that makes any sense to you?.. any way you know of that “Default” could disappear from a plugin presets list?

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…not sure how that relates to what you’re seeing… doesn’t the question asking what you want to save only come up when you push the left (Save) button?

Hello @plutek,
I found out, why the well-known - and yet not debugged - issue with assigning a list of “User Presets
hasn’t applied to me.
So yes. I too, have the same problem!
(by “assigning all” as a “cycle” (presets will merry-go-around-style) - it is well-known you get this icky “default=Factory Preset” loaded aside the rest, which makes it not very usable)

The only lucky thing for MOD Users is:
This buggy issue won’t exist for the
MOD Mixer 2.0-4”.
For some reason, this only pedal is freed from this issue.
Hope, eventually there comes a MOD debugging time…
I would be willing to pay money for seeing somethings like this.

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You actually even get the other factory presets when there are. Sometimes, you can have a very long list of factory presets below the user ones. It would make sense to only have the user presets as you can copy the factory ones you need to the user list.


Please Mod team, give us the possibility to remove factory presets. Some are ugly or have sound level issue so they are not usable and that’s a big problem to have them in the preset list.
I don’t want them!
Me and others asked for this function since many months, years?

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We hear you, it has been a pain point for us too sometimes.

The feature falls into the same underlying technical challenge as the addressing of plugin files to CC/hardware.
As in, handling support for one means handling plugin file addressing too.

For sure it will be done eventually, but it is hard to exactly tell when.


just have the choice to delete factory preset as we can do with user would be enought to solve this problem.
Why are factory presets locked?

factory presets are part of the plugin bundle, they cant just be deleted, they are part of the plugin.


That’s a shame. Could it be possible one day to delet them? Or have assign to user preset instead off assign all? Because we can still edit save some factory preset in user preset.

the intention is to allow to select individual user presets, or basically something from a list.
the issue right now is that the mapping applies to the preset list by itself, we never store which presets are available or could be selected.
it is the same for plugin files.

so to make this work proper the idea is to simply allow the user to pick which presets to map from a list, perhaps with a fast “pick only factory” vs “pick only user” vs “let me freely choose” options, and then the selected presets become part of the mapping/addressing.

the main issue is when a pedalboard is loaded and the user has changed the presets in the mean time, some of those could have been deleted. sample applies to files.
we need a way to deal with that proper, and also consider the situation of the user wanting to always map ALL presets or files, independent of whatever the current ones available are. (more important for files, if someone wishes to always have all of them available and not needing to re-address the file list again).

we want to have something proper for this, which means taking into consideration some reasonable points of failure.


Hey @falkTX,
thanks for telling us some background details on how you guys have to deal with development.
it surely makes a difference to us, knowing that you guys still carry a will for improvement on the MOD Devices. :heart::heart::heart: