Assigning individual items of a list

I really think this function alone will improve a lot the pedalboard management. Mainly to select a individual plugin preset, but useful also for other lists…

It will be helpful for all the last great plugins like AIDA, IR Loader, MOD Convolution, Reverbs, Audi-Midi File,…

I know this has been asked before, but perhaps this is again the right moment :slight_smile:

In my opinion any solution could be good, like MIDI or CV for example:

  1. CV 1V first plugin preset, CV 2V second plugin,… up to 10 plugin presets assignable, with Scale Parameter 1V
  2. CV 0,1V first plugin preset, CV 0,2V second plugin,… up to 100 plugin presets assignable, with Scale Parameter 0,1V

which I suppose will cover most cases…



I was also contemplating opening a new topic for this, despite it having been discussed so much already only to be met with inaction.

I mean, it’s been a long time since I did any programming, but it can’t be THAT difficult to assign a knob to the files listed in one of those plugins and allow users to scroll through and select file names directly on the device. Relative to some of the other wizardry the Mod team has pulled off, anyway. It would be such an improvement in the UX.

Probably it is related

But I’m not sure if this solution could be applied here. Mainly because the AIDA-X and IR loaders have a list with non defined number of items: someone can just add a new model or a new IR and every time is required to change the plugin metadata.

@falkTX, do you have some trick for this case?