UI - User-Preset Assignment kinda fails + Improvement suggestion

Hello, may I add one detail here, the presets are not showed in the same order in the web UI and in the MOD DUO X UI. so, when trying to workaround the current assignment limitation by naming the presets in alphabetical order, so I get my presets in order and I can select them one after the other with just one knob turn or button press, it doesn’t even work. I didn’t go to the point of guessing how the system would display the presets to get them in the order I want, not some random order…

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Hi again,
asking with all due respect -
why the heck this issue still hasn´t found debugging yet?

As I requested this first in January, its now the 9th month nothing happend in this icky case. I´m still dancing around on the knobs, as assigning the Preset List, it still doesn´t distinguish between the User Presets and Factory Presets - - and it still throws them together… Before, I was cool, things change, but now I´m nearly on tour and this giving me headaches!

Am I missing out something?

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agreed. MOD should fix this issue right now, or it´s JUNK

…yes, i know i might break things… :wink: ---------->

i was looking a little bit at coming up with a hacky way to do something about this…

i have successfully removed factory presets (including “Default”) from a couple of plugins, and can remove/restore individual user presets - all by manipulating files in the ~/.lv2 directory of the Dwarf filesystem. the little piece i haven’t yet decoded is what determines the order of the user presets – i can’t imagine that’s too hard, with a little more digging.

so, in theory, one could implement a scripted scheme to move/edit files in order to get some control over what can be assigned to some device knob or whatever. unfortunately, it’s very far from ideal, because any changes to the factory presets will get overwritten when a plugin is updated. also, one will have to edit the script and re-run it for every different desired arrangement of assignable presets. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

it’s a fun little exercise, but still: yeah, we need a replacement for “assign all”, which is more like “assign a user-ordered subset of all”.

oh well…


what about if this facility worked by having the user name and save preset lists? then, if the user selects a saved list (or loads a pedalboard) which is no longer completely functional, the GUI could throw an error message, prompting them to make a new list. that doesn’t cover the situation in which a pedalboard containing nonfunctional lists is loaded while the device is not connected to the GUI; could the device itself throw an error message telling the user what needs to be fixed? yes, it all requires organization and user willingness to test thoroughly before performance – but surely we can’t really expect to operate this sort of device without behaving that way?? :person_shrugging: :robot: :wink:


I’m just throwing my two cents in here. For sure the ability to choose the presets you want to be selectable, would make the MOD way more foolproof for live set ups where you want one preset for each song. Totally would love this feature!


Hey @plutek
I kindly wanna remind you, that I postet about this one “bug” within the mixer-module (within this thread,by June,12th) … which does everything fine by accident. Maybe just reading out the bug and copying this mistake?

…thanks for everything

right… i see what you’re suggesting now… interesting! it’s possible that the “strange” (but good!) list behaviour in that one mixer plugin could point to a solution which might be able to be implemented more widely. hmmmmmm…

…wish i was a programmer!..

but, still, making the Default go away (or, indeed, all the factory presets) is only part of the solution. see the concerns raised by @falkTX about how to deal with changes in user presets after assignments have been made.

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thinking, we´re already a communitiy… how about a lil´ fundraising for
debugging/fixing the most nasty/icky 10 bugs/weaknesses for DuoX/MDW ???

I´d be willing to invest some bucks…



if there was a way to make this work, which would be functional for the MOD team, i’d be in as well!

we’ll just have to get past the endless hours of debate about which are the top 10!!! :laughing:

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the admins should initiate a poll -
every member counting as one


there is no way around giving tha MOD-Hardware a (more) professional Software/User-Surface … all jokes aside,
or the ship will sink eventually, by better solutions coming up from other companies, seriously.

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@Kopplog you should float your idea in a new topic, so we can get better visibility and discussion going! :partying_face:

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