Presets: "assign all" options

re. “assign all” for presets in plugins and pedalboards…

currently, “assign all” gives you a controller which cycles through BOTH factory AND user presets. it would be useful to be able to choose only one category or the other for the assignment.

especially, for instance, “assign user” (or somesuch), so we can have a controller which cycles through only our own presets, eliminating a factory “default” or other factory presets from the list.


Totally agree, although the ideal would be to also allow choosing any subset of all available presets, e.g. 2 from factory and 3 from user.


yes, I imagine being able to drag and drop into an arbitrary ordered list would be the ideal workflow. Then you could set up to just press one button that will cycle through every preset you need for a song (e.g. intro, verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, chorus)


@ricardocrudo …just bumping this topic, to see if something like this is in the dev pipeline at all… don’t see it mentioned in the features aggregating topic - MOD Features - (although that topic hasn’t been updated for a while).

I just added it there.

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sweet… thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

just seing this topic now.
definetly could use customized settings as described in post 1&2!

Just need to add something:
When assigning “all” to the footswitch extension, switching works on the display but not in the plugin itself.
I noticed it before my last gig but also had assigned the footswitch to it 2 gigs before that… somehow the harmonies were off in the bridge, but i couldn’t put my finger on it… :stuck_out_tongue:

Current Workaround. insert plugin twice with different preset settings, and switch between them using the “switch” plugin.


Any updates to this topic?
Custom assignments and combinations as well as different switching possibilities would be optimal. This week I used the feature “assign all” and I also realized that it does not allow MIDI switching, I don’t know the technical reason, but it would already help to release the DUO buttons.


Bringing an old thread back to life, but I wonder if there has been any development on this part?

I brought my pedalboard home and started to play around making a virtual pedalboard. I used only headphones, since I didn’t want to bring my amp to the small cabin where I live right now. My goal was to make a good patch with an amp simulator and cabinet. I used the Onyx and managed to make a really good sound I liked and saved it. I made a clean and a crunch sound which sounded amazing in the headphones, so I chose to assign them to one of the knobs on my Duo. The thing was that I didn’t think of that “Assign all” meant it assigned both my two user patches but also the three factory presets. I scrolled to change from my clean to my crunch, scrolled to far and got to the “Metal Crunch” factory preset and almost blew my ears off.

So now when I have changed my pants, I wonder if this is something that is working on being fixed? :smiley:

It would be great to be able to make tons of presets, and then choose which ones you’d want to assign to a specific pedalboard.


I came here to agree that the Onyx metal preset is intense :hear_no_evil:

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