WOW - wow & flutter

Hi , I would like to introduce my first plugin ever :slight_smile: the WOW.

The WOW tries to imitate the effect we know from tape players called wow and flutter.
It can also be used as a tape delay or basic overdrive.

Currently, the only way to get a plugin into the MOD is to manually copy it to the plugin folder with file manager like WinSCP.

if anyone wants to try it here it is and its compiled on Dwarf

and here is MOD app(Windows) version for testing, same as before only copy to plugin folder :slight_smile:


Cool! For which device is this build created?
I have all of the MOD units, but I need to know on which one I should test it :wink:
(ideally you can create builds for all of the devices)

Can you tell us more as to how you created this?


for “programing” i use Pure data and cloud builder with my Dwarf.

I created the plugin because I like tape players and their imperfection. To this day, I still have and used a walkman from Sony and I love it. that’s why I wanted something that would at least remotely imitate the sound degradation I know. And on MOD, the only similar plugin is the Gaffa, but it’s not free, so I decided to try to make my own and that’s how WOW was born :grinning:


Oh derp, only now do I see the hvcc in the zip file name :smiley:
Glad you are enjoying the toolchain. I also really like the unique UI you made for it!

Will try this on my Dwarf soon then!

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This is exciting. I fancy myself a bit of a “unmaintaned tape machine” enthusiast :slight_smile: I look forward to trying it out!

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Awesome - what’s the best way to access the plugin folder on a Mac?

Thanks Jacube, great plugin, I particularly like the interactions possibilities between saturate and feedback! Already on my main pedalboard…


On a Mac, open terminal,

scp -rp <path to hvcc-WOW.lv2 folder> root@
  • Enter password “mod”

  • Reboot Mod


On Linux and macOS there is an easier way using curl, that automatically refreshes the mod-host and mod-ui side, so no reboot needed.


yes, I’m satisfied with them, thanks and I hope you like the sound too.

thanks all and small news, I add a link to the MOD app version on the main post :slight_smile:

Ehm, for which OS is this?
Realize that the mod-app runs on 3 different operating systems and each needs its own build.

its for windows users.

Cool!Though I have no idea how to get it to the Dwarf…Can this uploaded to the store along with the others for us ignorant users? :grinning:

yes, that would be great, but I have no idea what I can do to get it to the store, maybe a question for someone else :slight_smile:

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Hey! It sounds great! Good choice of controls. I find it similar in effect to the Recovery Devices and Effects “Cutting Room Floor”. IMO, if the flutter and wow had an option to be envelope-following, it would add another dimension to the effect. Thanks for making this, and I hope you can work toward getting it in the plugin store. Again, great work!


Thanks and I’m glad I didn’t do it just for myself. I am currently testing other speeds modulation of the wow and flutter, such as a saw or a square. Envelope also looks interesting, I will probably try to implement it as well. Thanks for sharing an interesting effects pedal that I didn’t know.


I think @falkTX can help you with the process of submitting it to be considered for the store.

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Finally had a go at testing it (sorry for taking a bit), sounds fun!

Feedback can get a little dangerous though. You may want to add some additional filtering so that eg. low-end doesn’t build up.

Really like the original UI as well. Very fresh look compared to the typical MOD plugins :slight_smile:
And so cool that the tape is animated! (although it might be a bit distracting )


Can someone help the man uploaded to the MOD store? :slight_smile: