WOW - wow & flutter

Thanks for the feedback, I think the new version will be even more interesting with the possibility of changing the speed shape modulation from sine to saw, and i will add envelope-following which will adjust the speed maybe depth too.

I am now making UI changes, I hope you will like the new ones as well.

Low and high pass filters are there and they also affect feedback, you would like to add an extra low and high pass filter for feedback only?


Maybe, it’s very easy to get a “run-away” effect which can be pretty dangerous for ones ears. Was surprised this already happened below 50% feedback.

(I made several delay plugins myself, but never got it this bad)

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Hi!It would also be cool if you could do modulation effects like what they have done in the Strymon Deco.

I once worked on my first pure data delay patch and nearly destroyed my ears and my new headphones. After this experience I allways put a hard limiter in my chain when developing…
It should not be possible that a user causes such peaks with a non-dev plugin.

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What is a hard limiter … [clip~ -1 1]? :smiley:


that would be me :slight_smile:

first step is to create a mk file that takes care of building the plugin, which is valid for both mod-plugin-builder and cloud/store builds too.

something alike this

since this is made with hvcc perhaps @dreamer can give a hand?
we can store the custom ttl assets on the mod-lv2-data repo, and have the original pd file be part of the plugin package dir, in case you dont want to create a whole git repository for it.

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Yeah, I tried this which is not optimal and also played with the settings of the build in organelle compressor…

yea i know about this bug(feature), its happen when you increase saturation knob :slight_smile:


hi, ok thanks, i can send you custom ttl and pd file, but i don’t know how i can get this mk file, will something generate it for me, or do i have to rewrite what you sent as an example?

something that you or someone else needs to write by hand.
it is how we declare how the plugin is built.

have you used the mod-plugin-builder before?

hmm no, I don’t have any experience with mod-plugin-builder, I only use cloud builder.

Little teasing, new WOW face.


Looks cool! but those colored knobs might be hard to read. Especially the darker red ones.
(and depending on ones color/contrast blindness)

Thanks and yes, I see it and even the text in red area is not very readable. I will have to do something with it

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I have question maybe you know answer @dreamer. its posible to send value from tap tempo calculation to time knob, because when i try use “s time @hv_param” it doesnt work. thanks

Hi Jacube
This worked for me:

In your .ttl file, you schould add this prefix:

@prefix time: .

And for your time lv2:port :

units:unit units:bpm ;
lv2:portProperty mod:tempoRelatedDynamicScalePoints;

The ttl is generated by hvcc. It should not be necessary to manually modify it.

What do you mean by “tap tempo calculation”?

[edit: hmm, this is a custom lv2 extension created my MOD? we don’t have any support for this yet. Someone would need to extend hvcc to handle such custom extensions.]

Another example what i trying.

What are you “sending” to?

On the plugin side there is (currently) nothing that responds to such send objects.