Presets "Assign all" to midi?

Hi everyone,

I have made 3 presets with the WOW delay plugin I’m using on my main pedalboard :

  1. stereo
  2. slap-back
  3. single note feedback with 1/8.

This in the goal to have only 1 single plugin to make those 3 sounds and save some CPU.

But, I thought I could send a PC message to go from one to another, like snapshots. Could this comes with a future update ?

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Does that not work with snapshots? If you are using the same plugin I thought it would

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nope, because it will change the state of every plugins on the pedalboard…
Presets are exactly snapshots but at a plugin scale… and without midi !?

Ah you mean you want the presets within the plugin to change? Surely the presets are just a combination of parameters that can be stored in snapshot?

Away from Dwarf so can’t check as yet but either way has me thinking so cheers for that

Yes, this is exactly what I want to do, but with midi (or CV)

Yes, they are ! But I dont want to recall the parameters of all plugins just to change a preset on a single one.