Would the device assignment page make more sense rotated 90 degrees?

Hi all,

I’m a software engineer, formerly at TASCAM, MOTU, and Google, who’s new to the MOD Dwarf. I’m very impressed so far and looking forward to writing my own plugins.

I was staring at the current device assignment page for a couple days:

trying to figure out why something felt a little off. I just realized what it is: the direction of the knobs, subpages, and footswitches go downwards on screen, but on the Dwarf hardware these controls all go across, from left to right.

So I mocked up a screen in Google Sheets to see how it would feel if the controls went across, and the pages went downwards:

This feels more natural to me, since moving from knob 1 to knob 3 on the device moves from left to right, and the same with subpages and switches B and C. It helps to have the Dwarf in front of you when you look at this.

What do you think? Which one feels better to you?


interesting… i agree!

whenever i’m sketching out control layouts in a notebook, i also do it in a way that is more reminiscent of the hardware (even if not exactly the same). so, yes, your suggested layout does feel more natural and releases some of the “cognitive dissonance” between the device and the GUI.



As someone working closely with software UX designers, I fully agree!

It’s this kind of “small” adjustments that can turn the user experience from “ok” to “great” :slight_smile:


as discussed many times before:

The whole page should have a different workflow. Best option would be to have one assignment page where you select the plugin and parameter you want.


short answer: yes; it is far more intuitive (to me at least) if it is horizontal and with a color label
Begint able to see the assignments would be a plus too.
Your suggestion looks like a very feasable next step indeed

Thanks all, glad I was able to explain what I was thinking and you seem to agree.

@LievenDV, that’s a good point about being able to see existing assignments. How about something like this:

It does seem to help display the current mappings versus the current implementation which just greys out boxes that are not available.

Is this a viable change to pursue?


Yes also support this. Agree it’s counterintuitive and validated that thought yesterday actually when I came back to a pedal I made up a while ago, which I’d designed sympathetically to the config screen in the browser, top to bottom, then came to use this again a few weeks later, directly on the device, and wished the options for the same device were configured ‘across the row’.