The stereo version of GXDigital_Delay has the name cut off

In the Plugin Store, the stereo version of this plugin has the _ST cut off from the name:

  1. Open the store
  2. Click on the Delay category
  3. Notice the problem here (see the green box I drew):

If you click on it the _ST is shown in the new window along with the correct image of the stereo plugin.


Hi folks, this still appears to be a problem (link here):

Any chance we can get this tiny fix?

Of course, things don’t magically get fixed by themselves :wink:

What would be a good solution to cover this issue of long names? Should the font simply be smaller across the board or should long names appear in a marquee style scroll element?

I think the top example could definitely simply get a larger space for the plugin name, but the pedalboard-page screenshot is much trickier since the available space for the name is much more limited.

Thanks for the reply. In both cases it looks like there is room for additional characters with the existing font and size, since it’s only missing “ST”. This would not solve extremely long names, where autoscroll is probably best, but those should be quite rare.

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@dreamer, I’m not familiar with how bugs get triaged and fixed in the MOD world. How do you suggest we move forward?