Dwarf starts giving increasingly bad errors until rebooted

Hi all,

I’m seeing something very strange today, and it’s happened three times in a row:

  1. I power on the Dwarf, connect to USB, and start using the web UI
  2. The web UI starts telling me it can’t Save As on a snapshot while connected, nor can it delete a snapshot, both of which I’m pretty sure used to work
  3. Then if I unplug the USB and reconnect it, no amount of reloading or closing/reopening the tab will let Chrome on my Mac see the Dwarf
  4. If I unplug the USB and use the LCD UI for a while, eventually some or all of the widgets will disappear
  5. If I try to go into navigation mode it tells me to disconnect the web UI first, but you can see the USB cable is unplugged

If I reboot eveything works again, except all the same bugs start happening from step #2 and on. I’m running v1.13.4.3292. Is anyone else seeing these kinds of things?

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I know it’s a long shot but if you use it for looping and recording, this could be the cause: I had similar saving/loading issues one time and turned out, I had a recording running which filled up the diskspace on the Dwarf.

Thanks for the idea. The File Manager says my disk usage is only 0.25 / 6.40 GiB, and I don’t do any looping or recording. The only thing that I did differently when this began was to use a pedalboards.moddevices.com page to install a pedalboard while the web UI was open in another Chrome tab. I wonder if that could have something to do with the Dwarf thinking it was still connected even though USB was unplugged…

What’s going on with not being able to Save As, Delete, or Rename a snapshot from the web though? Is this a recent regression?

OK, I’ve discovered that some of my pedalboards do allow snapshots to use Save As, Rename, and Delete from the web UI, and others don’t.

Here’s an example of a pedalboard where those commands fail:

Can someone please install this pedalboard and let me know if those commands work for you? @falkTX, I’m curious if you get the same error messages in the screenshot earlier in this thread.

This is not a bug but just a limitation of the snapshot system.

The message you get when trying to change the snapshots is “cannot change snapshots while addressed to hardware”.
That is to say, while the snapshots are mapped to a physical control on the dwarf, you cannot change them.
You need to unaddress them, by basically doing “address all”, picking “none” and then save

Thanks. I finally came to the same conclusion late last night after deleting everything else in a copy of the pedalbaord.

This is a very confusing error message though, it makes it sound like snapshots cannot be changed while the web UI is connected to the hardware. I suggest changing the message to:

“Cannot change snapshots while they are mapped to a knob or footswitch”

Also, here’s the default mapping page for Address All for Snapshots:

Notice that the default label is “Pedalboard”, but these are not pedalboards. It should default to “Snapshot”. Thanks!