Reverb Community Video

Dear MOD community members

I have an exciting invitation :slight_smile:

Following up on the release of the new reverb pedalboards and plugins, we are now preparing marketing content for the promotion of the reverbs.

Among the desired content we want to have a video with participation from our community.

I have messaged via email those who opted in for such content in our survey and this post here is to make sure no one is left out.

Would you like to participate?

If yes, please send a heads up to until January 16th.

A base track is being composed and will be distributed soon, so users can record parts over it and then we edit a nice video out.

Looking forward to your participation :slight_smile:

The MOD Father


Hi @gianfranco,

I’d like to know more about this contribution.

Do the interested members of the community only have to record an audio track over the base one ? Or do they also have to record a video ?

Could you be more specific about the requested audio track (solo, arrangements, improvisation, free or specific pedalboard) ? I don’t understand if the track should illustrate the sound of the promoted reverbs or make a background ambiance for the video ?

That said, if a video or a good camera isn’t required, I’m interested to record music. :wink:


Hi @funkypou

The plan is to make a video with footage of the community members.

We will distribute a base track and people should play over it using a MOD reverb, recording video + audio.

This footage will be glued together to compose the final song.

This is the first attempt we make of such kind, so there is a lot to be learned. In principle I believe that a good camera should not be a requirement. Good audio, on the other hand, is a must.


Thanks for your answer.

If I understand well, we’re asked to provide two files : a good quality audio track (like 24 bits WAV) using a reverb plugin and a video of us playing this track. I guess mixing, mastering and audio/video syncing happen on your side and that you will provide us technical information like the required audio bit depth and sample rate.

Let’s hope that the different used reverbs won’t sound too mismatched. :slight_smile:
Anyway, I’m sending an e-mail to participate.

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that is correct :slight_smile: