A universe of reverbs at your feet

Dear community,

I present to you: 15 pedalboards for the MOD Dwarf designed with the latest and greatest reverb plugins; 6 “traditional” reverbs, 3 quick to use versions, and 6 augmented reverbs.

The collection delivers whatever you need in the heat of the moment; need something fast? It has you covered. Need something deep? Sure! Need something fresh and new that surely inspires you to write new riffs and songs? Also a resounding yes!

These pedalboards are a part of an upcoming “reverb special” in which we show the Dwarf’s excellent capabilities when it comes to reverb.
Similar to when we released the guitar synth pedalboards, there will once again be videos diving into the inner workings of (some of) the reverb pedalboards, so keep your eyes open for those in the new year :slight_smile:

All pedalboards have been shared to the pedalboard feed as an early Christmas gift. Find the links to all the boards and short descriptions below. Looking forward to hearing what you think of them!


—Quick boards—

VERB:Quick Hall
Minimized controller addressings for quick operation, algorithmic hall reverb board using the Dragonfly Hall plugin.

VERB:Quick Room
Minimized controller addressings for quick operation, algorithmic room reverb board using the Dragonfly Room plugin.

VERB:Quick Plate
Minimized controller addressings for quick operation, algorithmic plate reverb board using the Dragonfly Plate plugin.


—Traditional boards—

Full controller addressings for deep editing, algorithmic hall reverb board using the Dragonfly Hall plugin.

Full controller addressings for deep editing, algorithmic room reverb board using the Dragonfly Room plugin.

Full controller addressings for deep editing, algorithmic plate reverb board using the Dragonfly Plate plugin.

Fully addressed algorithmic shimmer reverb board using the Shiro Shiroverb plugin.

Convolution spring reverb courtesy of the MOD Convolution Reverb plugin. Comes with added controls for EQ and an optional Cabsim.

A full collection of different kinds of convolution reverbs courtesy of the MOD Convolution Reverb plugin.


—Augmented boards—

Split reverb created by combining Freaked Prefreak and Freaktail plugins. There is a chorus, tremolo and phaser in between the two parts of the reverb, opening up a world of sci-fi reverbs.

VERB:Dyna Shimmer
Dynamically modulated shimmer reverb with a resonant filter, where your playing dynamics can influence reverb decay and filter cutoff.

VERB:Rhythm Filter
Hall reverb with a rhythmically modulated resonant filter, has taptempo and subdivision controls. Also contains a bit of dynamic modulation.

VERB:Delayed Sub
Convolution reverb with a individual control over the predelay times for the dry signal, and for an octave down version of the dry signal. It is possible to add feedback to the predelay, and it is possible to switch between octave down and a chorus-like effect.

VERB:Gated Plate
It’s a plate, with a gate. Set the threshold and use your playing dynamics to open or close the gate. Play above the threshold to hear the reverb, play below the threshold to close the gate.

VERB:Momentary Hall
Similar to the VERB:Quick Hall pedalboard, but with a momentary effect on addressing, meaning that the effect is only on while the footswitch is held down.


Thanks. Explored the Verb:Convolution and got mesmerised by the Grain Silo Dome. Wigged out for a bit…ahhhhh therapy :grin:


Thanks jesse, awesome the momentary hall concept!


great to see such a variety in boards. I really like those short but precise descriptions.

My suggestion for the Video series: less is more :slight_smile:

Would be really cool to combine a few of these into ONE pedalboard with a only a few knobs and have this as the flagship feature board where those others branch off.
Like a Walrus Audio Slö or a Shift Line Everest.

This approach would also be a good showcase of what the dwarf is capable in comparison and get quicker overview.


“thematic” board bundles are a nice way to introduce and educate new customers to the device. Nice idea, go on with them!

Just one question: could you also rate them on horsepower requirements?

There are around lots of people who own a Mod Duo or a Mod X, and even if the current and future focus is the Dwarf, we’d like to receive some love and support.

Even a simple “works on Duo”, “struggles on X” or “doesn’t work on Duo” would be enough, so that at least we don’t have to download a pedalboard to find out.


Hi everyone,


I have updated the links to the pedalboards after making some small changes (mainly using the new Auto Input Selector plugin, but also some naming consistency tweaks).

The pedalboards that are linked are now exactly how they will go into the factory pedalboards collection in the near future.


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These additions are amazing.
I am trying to download some of the pedalboards and there seems to be a plugin that is not available featured in their setup. The “Auto Input Selector”.

Is anybody having a similar issue?


What device are you using? If I’m not mistaken the Auto Input Selector is Dwarf-only because the Duo and DuoX don’t have the ability to detect if there’s anything plugged into the hardware jacks.


Yes, was running on a Duo X which makes sense.

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I assume we can reset those PedalBoards with the Stereo X-Fade pedal and replicate the wiring?


It seems somewhat unfair to me that the same pedalboards have not also been configured for those who have invested their money on a MOD DUO x

Maybe I’m wrong, but I thought that in the meantime the “Auto Input Selector” has been updated so it can be installed on all MOD Devices.
In case of Duo X it’s not actually doing anything, but not anymore breaking the board for Duo X users.
So you should be able to use all the above pedalboards also on Duo X.

The real issue is only for the control map. For the jack just change the mono/stereo routing manually, correct? The pedalboards come loaded. It would have been nice to have it ready for use:(

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Ah, right, I see what you mean.
Since the control knobs and switches are not the same on both devices, the assignments don’t get mapped on the “other device”.
Right, that’s a pity.
I think currently the only way to have pedalboards with proper mapping for both devices would be to have every pedalboard existing twice in the pedalboard feed.
Also not perfect (as it crowds the overview). But would be nice for MDX owners of course.

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