Welcome DoGood Sound - we are launching a series of premium reverbs!

Dear Community,

it’s my pleasure to announce a new partnership and plugin brand: please welcome DoGood Sound!

DoGood Sound is a boutique sound designer network that focuses on recording “out of the ordinary” sounds. DoGood keeps searching and collecting ambiance, cinematic, rare instruments and voices. Most importantly at this point: DoGood Sound has one of the biggest premium Impulse Response (IR) collections out there, captured with passion and high-end equipment.

While we have the MOD Dwarf, meanwhile with a convolution performance unmatched for pedals. Together with our algorithmic reverbs we believe it can truly be “A universe of reverbs at your feet.”

Joining forces with DoGood Sounds we are launching a whole series of premium reverb plugins, which are very easy to use. They all come with awesome sounding integrated IRs, carefully recorded, processed, curated and level matched.

Today we are releasing:

A comprehensive selection of spring reverbs you may have missed (€ 24,90)

A range of different sounds from probably the most iconic plate reverb (€ 14,90)

A broad variety of reverbs. Branded MOD yet most IRs are from DoGood (free)

And we don’t stop there! We will be creating DoGood plugins on a weekly cadence in 2023, more blockbusters as well as really experimental ones. There are as much as 10 more DoGood Sounds plugins in preparation! Beyond, we look forward to exciting additions to the IR collection of DoGood Sounds and will bring them straight to the MOD Plugin Store.

Happy holidays everyone!



Spring reverb!
Spring reverb!
:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:


I must say MOD is going in direction I’ve desired of. Really great idea and I would love to buy Spring IR’s (Plate is already purchased and sounds great!).


Great news!


That is realy great. Thumbs up!


That’s very cool! :+1:t2:
Great news.


This week, we present you the reverb of a real big real space:

Grain Silo Outside

Our friends from DoGood Sound took quite some effort to find and capture the best spots:

Grain Silo Inside

And this giant fits inside the MOD Dwarf!

Available now (€ 19,90)


Springs was already on my wishlist, but I just gave Grain Silo a spin and I’m absolutely floored.


I am sure I need that :smiley:
It is sooo cool we can even see where it has been recorded!


We have more real spaces for you with deep reverb:

This dungeon has a bad history but awesome acoustics, carefully recorded by DoGood Sound. It comes with suiting IRs from an historic foundry and a layered composition of those places, larger than life.

Available now (€ 19,90)


I have just purchase “DoGood Plate 140”. I don’t know what happens but for a strange reason it gives me Purchase but also to reload the interface because the licence is not download. I’ve deleted it and reload at least 5 times, also I’ve switched Off and On the device but the problem remains the licence is not load…
There is a solution for this problem??


We are investigating this, can you try clearing the license keys?
Under advanced settings, dangerous area.
This will clear the cached local files on the Dwarf, so it forces them to be downloaded again when you go back to the main web gui.


Just to be sure … this action doesn’t delete all my purchase license???

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correct, only cleans up local files.
the actual license registration status is stored on cloud servers.


OK, I’ve done it … but…
If I select ALL the “DoGood Plate 140” show Purchase but when I press “Update all” popup that licence is not downloaded.
If I select INSTALLED ONLY the popup disapear, the plugin show Purchased but the plugin is in trial mode

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We are continuing with some awesome reverb sounds captured from gear.

Available now (24,90 €)

(@Rino2 just confirmed your issue was resolved already, sorry for inconvenience!)


I’m a huge fan of reverbs and this series is offering some very nice sounding reverbs. Currently I’m enjoying the plate reverbs, but the entrire series is excellent.


We move back in time with another selection of gear reverbs for you.

Available now (19,90 €)