Return message MIDI controler / DISPLAY / CHOCOLATE

I will expose my difficulty, if there is already a topic or solution, please guide me.


I’ve already managed to make the connection and control everything, including chocolate, I managed to use the “Advanced custom mode” to work as a stompbox to use the expression pedal with inverted values 0-127 (If you’re curious, I’ll explain this here:MIDI "Chocolate" 🍫 controller with the Mod Dwarf, an introduction - #143 by Yan).
My problem is that I don’t have a visual feedback of the pedals turned on or off by the chocolate. I’m using the MIDI Commander app, despite having already bought the OSC, but I couldn’t make it work in my setup, because I couldn’t configure a HOST, which in Commander it did automatically when I plug in the USBMIDI Dongle.
My initial idea was to have some kind of MIDI feedback on the Tablet/Mobile app. I was able to receive the MIDI message coming from the MOD in the app (it identifies the message entry in the midi monitor tab), but the app does not automatically change the effect on the display (Let’s say, I click on the chocolate and the app has a button configured exactly with the same channel cc channel etc…) maybe I’m configuring something wrong, it’s the first time I’m using MIDI resources that way, my previous experience was with the FCB1010, which I sold when I thought they were going to send the MOD EXPRESSION right after they shipped the Footswitch (and as you know it didn’t happen regardless, I want to fix the problem and not create more).
Anyway, I would have some solutions to solve my problem, some that the MOD team itself could solve. I’ll explain them here in topic - and who could solve it and, if you can, show me the feasibility of each one:

1- MODTEAM - LISTING ON MODDUO DISPLAY -Release listing on one or both MOD displays to show which effects each midi actuator is changing, appearing on/off. This could be listed in the advanced setting as “appear in display listing”. In this case, on the device this list could appear while navigating by pressing the knobs or even enabled within the system configuration.

2- MOD TEAM - BE ABLE TO USE THE FOOTSWITCH DISPLAYS AND LEDS - for these MIDI assignments. Let’s suppose, dividing the characters available on the display for the foot itself and for other effects (in this case for this midi return), changing the contrast (BLACK/WHITE) of this second to indicate whether it is on or off or being able to show it on the led of the footswitch with color combinations. Suggestion: Led Off - both effects off; Red Led - Effect assigned to the Foot turned on; White Led - Midi addressing effect On; Green Led - both effects on. This could be designated in Midi Learn’s own advanced, in which case each display could appear.

3- MOD TEAM - DEVELOP A SIMPLIFIED INTERFACE WEB FOR END USER - I would be able to use the tablet to make the controls that I do today via midi if I had a INTERFACE WEB for the MOD itself that would have the information in a simplified way, not use much of the hardware and give me only the information I need, i.e. it was editable too. It could function as a second layer over the build, not needing to indicate the connections, just a great mixer with some responsive pad functions.

4 - MVAVE TEAM - If the chocolate in a firmware update gave me in the two led fields of the display (88) some combinations (–, 6-, 9-, -6, -9, 69, 96, 8-, 8-, 68, 98, 86, 89, 88) indicating on/off combinations for four buttons with “closed circles” for each position for a situation of use as a stompbox… would already solve my problem.

5 - SOMEONE WHO UNDERSTAND MIDI - If I manage to get the answer to this information somehow via midi somewhere… anything… already solves my problem.


My setup.

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The position of each is not defined, I am still organizing. I’m going to make an acrylic cabinet for the power supply and make a few more toppers to put in the chocolate.

I am trying to resume your problem: you push some button on the chocolate midi (or on the mod footswitch), then you see the midi message in your android app (MIDI Commander?) BUT the gui in such app is not updated according to such message.


If this is the problem it doesn’t seems to be something the MOD team can help with. You are requesting some new feature which is fine, but I think that you could solve your issues sooner on the app side…

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Hi @Yan nice topic !!

This has been asked a few times in different ways (like here : Expression pedal : showing percentage on the screen) and has made a step forward here :

This one too…

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Hi Rom, Thanks for the feedback. So I followed some of these threads to try to find a solution. There are many things for Dwarf that are not compatible for DUO… it would be interesting to have an alternative that solves it in a simple way for all equipment. A simplified WEB platform would be very useful, even if it is not responsive (only to function as a visual feedback).

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I think that it is the biggest issue on Chocolate. I also try to find an alternative but they generally are more expensive and bigger. Maybe the better alternative is the Hotone Ampere Control, but I’m not sure if it hasn’t the same problem.

About the OSC, maybe this topic could help you. I am not sure if the guys use it at a bidirectional way or just sending messages


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