Release 1.12

Hi there everyone, the stable release of v1.12 is here - v1.12.0 aka “MOD Devices is dead, long live MOD Audio!”.

This release contains several fixes and the rework of many internal systems for improved stability.
The Duo X production units also get an update that syncs its features to be on pair with the Dwarf, apart from pedalboard/snapshot management.
Also, this release is mandatory for anyone wishing to buy plugins from the shop.

The list of new features was posted on the 1.12.0-RC1 announcement, but let’s go through them again.


Duo X goodies

This update makes the Duo X production units be in feature parity with the Dwarf, apart from the bank and snapshot management system.
See the v1.11.0-RC1 announcement for details on the new features added to the Dwarf.

So similar to the Dwarf, the Duo X now has:

  • audio processing options (built-in noise gate, compressor and pedalboard gain accessible through the device menus)
  • HMI Widgets support (device controller feedback for plugins)
  • USB-B mode options (in device menus)

A lot of system changes were done internally to be able to support the new features,
which in turn improves the gain control handling.

Additionally, there is a new option in the advanced settings (cogwheel in the bottom-right corner in the web interface) for having SPDIF as separate outputs.
When enabled the pedalboard constructor will have 4 outputs to connect to, the first 2 being for regular analog output, and last 2 for SPDIF.


Updated kernel and system tweaks

There are a lot of system tweaks on this release, for improving stability and reliability.
If you previously had issues with Dwarf booting in an inconsistent state, they will very likely be fixed with this update.

Because the Duo and Dwarf are in sync in their kernel versions, the Duo gets a free update. :slight_smile:
Nothing really changes for it, but it will make it easier for introducing any new features later on when all units are running the same versions.
The Duo X may get its matching kernel update in the future.

Such kernel updates are not totally risk-free, so we did not push it as regular bugfix on v1.11 and waited for a new major release instead.
We did a fair share of testing to ensure there were no regressions.
If you spot anything, please let us know.


Allow plugins to trigger device popups

Plugins are now able to trigger device popups with a custom title and text.
This will be handy for plugins to notify a user when something relevant happens.

Note: this feature (along with whole “HMI Widgets”) is not implemented on the Duo and Duo X limited edition units


There’s also quite a few more changes and tweaks.
Visit Releases#Release_1.12 to see all changes since v1.11.

The next time you open the MOD web interface you’ll receive an update notification.
Just click on the tooltip icon in the bottom-right when that happens, then ‘Download’ and finally ‘Upgrade Now’.
Wait for a few minutes while the MOD updates itself automatically. :slight_smile:

We hope you’re enjoying your MOD device.
Let us know if you find any issues.


A small note for Duo X limited edition units (those that do not have a power on/off switch on the back):

We have made the needed changes to get these units booting and working with version 1.12, but they will not have the new features present on Duo X production units (due to hardware limitations it is not possible to make this work).
On these LE units you will need to install the update twice, first via automatic update, then manually via the procedure detailed in Releases - MOD Wiki (with a Duo X 1.12 image file).


Was there a fix applied for the wifi firmware being loaded before partition is mounted?
Issue does not reproduce for me anymore after this update, and I am wondering if it depends on the weather and luck, or there was something changed on that side)

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Nothing changed for that still, so it is pure chance yes

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Thanks for all the hard work getting the update out. Finally picked up the gaffa and looperlative. Looking forward to the jams!


Thanks @falkTX and the rest of the MOD team for your hard work.

One curiosity:

Is it something that can be implemented for the Duo X or are there hardware constraints forbidding it?

Thanks again!

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More of a company refocus, which is now the Dwarf.
It is the hard reality, but future releases will be mostly for Dwarf.


I would like it if you do not completely neglect the DuoX and continue to provide him with bug fixes and - possibly slower - further development / porting of the Dwarf development.
It is a very flexible device, in Germany they say a Swiss army knife, thanks to faster CPU, more RAM, more storage space, the CV I/O, … compared to the Dwarf.
Personally, I think that the DuoX can be exactly the device to unite all worlds.



It’s been stated before that the X will have bugfixes, but the above post is the 3rd time someone at MOD mentions that it will not see upgrades. I am as disheartened as you probably are now.

This current release goes against that stance, actually bringing upgrades in functionality to the X, in all fairness. Still, to read repeatedly that it will no longer be upgraded is not good news.

Let’s take this discussion to another thread as it doesn’t pertain to the 1.12 release itself.

(PS: I must add that a number of releases prior to Mod’s insolvency had been labeled “dwarf-centric”, to use the very expression employed in the release posts. It’s understandable given the fact that Dwarf was then their only available product and the then unbeknowst to us financial situation. Still, it was not good for X owners that most new developments would go to the Dwarf.)


I mean there wont be updates for new features.
Bugfixes of course will always come.

For 1.13 that comes with a new toolchain (needed for a few upcoming plugins), the Duo and Duo X get the same treatment, as otherwise they would miss out on the plugins.


@falkTX Are these timed popups that disappear on their own or does the user need to acknowledge the popup? If they are timed, I can think of a very good use for the feature.


How do you upgrade the system software to 1.12?

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This is explained at every release post:

So any Duo, Duo X and Dwarf should see the 1.12 as update just by opening the web gui.


Thanks for your reply, right after I sent that message I was able to upgrade my Software, I’ll go for a spin on it tonight when I have the chance!! falkTX, Happy Holidays!!


I updated, and was using my Mod Duo X. I went into the system menu to look at the IO options, but clicking on the IO Processing menu froze my unit. No signal was going into it, or being generated by it. The IO Processing menu is where the new compressors and stuff are located right?

Sorry, just re-tested, this is 100% reproducible if you have USB connected with the GUI in a browser window open. I unplugged USB and then was able to access this menu.


Same, the unit does not freeze though, only the controller (DSP and GUI continue to work fine, but you can’t do anything on the unit itself).

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These are Duo X production units… right? with a power switch on the back side of the unit?


Yes for mine.

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Yes for me as well.

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