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After some requests, here is the topic where we will be posting all the reboot related updates from now on. In that way, those who wish can simply subscribe to this topic and we keep things nice and tidy.

As a reference, here is the list of reboot posts made since the reboot started:

And as a first follow up to my last post, here are some pictures of the office after some tidying up:

The administrative room:

The main room:

The studio:

And the fulfilment room, which is still a total chaos:

Stay tuned for more updates. There are Cloud related news coming soon.

Wish you all a great week

Gianfranco, aka The MOD Father


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I want to give some updates regarding the plugin store, pedalboard feed and overall cloud situation.

We have the services kinda back online and operational now.
Enough that we were able to verify and test if everything still works, but not usable in general yet.

The good news is that all previous plugins, releases, licenses, etc are still in place.
As far as we can tell, no data loss happened during the cloud suspension and resume.

What is to be finalized is a migration from azure-provided DNS + SSL Cert management to the new registrar. We moved away from having DNS in azure when the insolvency started, as we could not legally pay for it.

Only this part remains before the plugin store comes back online, and with it very likely the pedalboard feed as well.


Plugin store and pedalboard feed is back online!

We still need to do some verification for its various systems, so there might be something not quite working yet.


Just a quick observation that the checkout for purchase of plugins is still not active yet.


Plugin builder is now operational, so we can begin pushing updates to plugins.
In theory this allows to push MOD OS updates too, but that is still to be fully verified.

PS: max-gen online builder not yet, still some minor things to resolve for that.


Today we finally got our VAT ID assigned. I applied for it online 4 weeks ago on the day we got the required company register entry. Another unexpectedly long waiting time, blocking checkout for paid plugins and imports from outside the EU.

For the latter we went via our contractor and got the reserved System-on-Module for the Dwarf from China to Germany already. It’s enough to supply all backers, who opted for the 150€ voucher plus our current B2B orders and beyond. Production is prepared and shall start next week, fulfillment by the end of November.

Regarding paid plugins checkout: beside waiting for the VAT ID, we also learned that a transition of a fully set up service from one company to another is not that easy, if international payment processing is concerned. Eventually we have worked out a clean slate solution, but it requires an MOD OS update. We will focus on getting that out next week


Not strictly related to the company, email notifications for this forum should be working again now.
So if you were trying to create an account in the last few weeks and couldn’t due to lack of email verification, please try again!


Still related to the forum, we have moved to :tada:

Sorry for the downtime in between the change.


Please find an update on Dwarf production and Founders Edition fulfilment here:


And yet another one:


And another update about the Dwarf fulfilment:


And the discount codes are now sent via email.

Check your inboxes please :slight_smile:


more updates on backers fulfilment and retail sales:


Retrospective and next steps