Will it chug? Share your heaviest sounding boards here

Hi all

With the arrival of AIDA and later NAM, MOD is getting more appeal towards youtubers from the metal genres. The capacity of the neural amps to reproduce high gain tones with high fidelity coupled with the response of our high resolution IR loaders make them a great alternative to carrying huge heads and cabinet enclosures, as we can see happening with the QuadCortex and ToneX.

That said, I’d like to invite the members of our community to share here their most heavy sounding boards, Shares with audio samples please :slight_smile:

We are reaching out to people from the metal world and I think it would be very welcoming if they can be introduced to the platform with a showcase of boards they can easily try and that deliver those brutal chugging sounds that we love and that our speakers fear so much :slight_smile:

I’ve seen already some boards like that flying around from @LievenDV @Teuvosick @dComposer @CarloDossi @Florialdo

So, shall we chug our guitar tones seriously?


And to kick it off, here’s my Chug Station.

I really love the JCVM and in this board I am mixing two instances of it, one with a mid boost and another with a mid reduction. Each amp goes to a different cabinet. Both mid frequencies adjustable. Also is the amp mix.

A switchable fractal doubler to give a bit more of space between the two amps.

A reverb with the lowest possible time and size, high damping, and a gain on the low end - which I call the “oompf adjustment”.

Last, but surely not least, a “bee kill” switch and adjustment to take care of the amount of buzzing in the back.

Hope you enjoy :metal:


Aha, this looks like a challenge!

It’s on!
I’ll need a little time though :smiley:

Please elaborate on this

I did not want to put it in such words, but yes. It is :slight_smile:

Take your time. No worries.

The buzzing we hear in the back when we crank up the gain. When one saturates a signal, harmonics appear on the higher end. It sounds like a “buzzing bee”. I add a low pass with a bit of an overshoot to avoid this buzzing. In this board you can enable the feature or not and you can also set the frequency.


I’ve to admit that I am not a metal lover but next week I’ll be in holiday and will try to go heavy, maybe not metal, but I’ll share some dirty stuff!

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Haha! Love this and thanks for the ping. That Brutal pedalboard from a few months back was insanely fun to play with but the buzzing was definitely an issue (and it makes me happy to hear that the buzzing wasn’t due to the horrible wiring job I did on my guitar last time I switched out all the electronics!). What a great week for this too as Wacken is coming to a close!

I assume (by the name of this thread) that you’re planning to send this off to Ola Englund? Another great YouTube reviewer is Glen from SpectreSoundStudios - he’s been going nuts over the ToneX and even replaced all the tube amps in his studio after demoing that box. I mentioned in the comments of one of his ToneX videos that he needs to check out the Mod Dwarf and he replied that he was interested!

Very excited to see where this goes!


Yep. These are some of the guys I’ll reach out to :slight_smile:

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My “metal” guitar is tuned in drop C#. It’s not the deepest sound but we sure play some “pointy” stuff now and then.

Off to a start with this but first things first; new strings.

If you’re plannign to drop a Dwarf at Ola, we need to offer him some off the easiest to use and chugiest boards we can prepare. I hope I can produce something that could reach that ambition. :smiley:


I love the perfectionism :slight_smile:

I hope we do too. And, in any case, that shall remain as a compilation of boards that is quite useful


little side story.
I looked lately for a little practise amp to use at home. Then when I’ve some in the list I decide for the Marshall MG15, because in opposite to the others, IT CHUG. :smile:


I might have over-done it a bit on this one :smiling_imp:
Aaaaall the gaiiiin!!!11 :wink:


Oh I’m definitely gonna upload something here later. I’ve been getting some absolutely FILTHY tones lately… :smirk:

I haven’t purchased the Marshall cabs, so I’m getting the understandable audio drop outs. But from what I’ve heard from this board, it sounds perfect for a playthrough of King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard’s latest album. Absolutely thrashy.


This one has been good fun to play through lately. It seems to push the limits of the dwarf, so it may need some tweaking.


I’ve been testing and building a CHUGBOARD.

I assumed that the AIDA-X models and IR’s used in snapshots will be included when a user downloads this bord, that is correct?

I’m the rhythm guitarist/singer for a Thrash/heavy Metal band and this board is my “palette” to find a good match with our lead guitarist’s sound.

The guitar used for testing and creating snapshots was an Explorer copy with bridge pickup selected, given that the neck also sounded good.

  • It contains a BETA plugin: the Portal: It IS necessary to keep the processor load from maxing out.
  • The board also several post its with explanations
  • There are 4 high gain AIDA-X models I captured myself, all in the “5150 family” or related
  • I think I picked out about 10 to 12 different cabs and matched them with amp models
  • You can blend in a bass amp for extra low end oomph
  • There is a dry/delay switch. The dry path has a short reverb in it but is default off.
  • You can include an EQ or bypass it with another switch
  • There is a recorder to record your jams
  • gain control after the AIDA-X and in the end to manage levels
  • easiest test is done via the WEB-UI although some basic controls are assigned to hardware buttons…but I havent assigned the models/cabs to a rotary yet (sorry :/)

I used these self-made AIDA-X models:
Point Fifty | High gain amp in the Peavey/EVH 5150 style

Reaper | High Gain amp

Diplomacy | High gain amp in the style of the Ignite Emmisary

Fireball amplifier | in the style of LE456 and Engl Powerball

For the cabinets, I picked out some of the variations for each of these 7 Cab’s here: (Devil’s Lab) Devil's Lab - FREE PACK
Drop some $ / €/ £ for his/her/their efforts :wink:


Very good Lieven!

Nope. Just the ones loaded in the state that the board was shared. And when you try it, you do not have access to the IRs and models via the file manager. If you save the board the files are kept, but not accessible.

There are intelectual property considerations when sharing and thus, we are quite restrictive. You can of course, share the files directly here on the forum post if you wish :slight_smile:

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Alright, that’s something for tomorrow or in the next few days.
The principle still stands though: High gain amp in front, some neat IR’s to pair and EQ as cherry on top.

All files used are free resources (my own captures and freeware cab IR’s) but perhaps I should try to simplify and offer a handy package here, especially if you want to explore ideas to present this to Ola.

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That would be awesome.

And if you allow me to be a bit ocd’ish, make the post of the pack in the Model Sharing category and then link it here :slight_smile:

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Edited my post with linked sources!

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