Diplomacy | High gain amp in the style of the Ignite Emmisary


Version 3 (3rd attempt, best result so far)
High gain amp, modelled after the free amp VST:
Ignite Emissary (STL Tones), a loud metal machine!

Standard CPU load
device = MOD-DWARF
file_name = v3
unit_type = LSTM
size = 16
skip_connection = 1
 30% 149/500 [08:02<17:49,  3.05s/it]validation patience limit reached at epoch 150
 30% 149/500 [08:07<19:08,  3.27s/it]
finished training: v3_LSTM-16
ESR after training:  0.04421577230095863


demo setup:


Diplomacy-amp-high-gain.json (53.5 KB)


Hi @LievenDV Also very cool. In my test-pedalboard this files needs about 10% less DSP as compared to the other. It is very high gain and in my setup quite noisy. But I am not very trained in high gain. I gues the noise is typical for high gain, isn’t it?
The sound is impressive, that has to be said. I think it’s really well done. I shred right off… goes more or less by itself now. :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :joy:


I was trained on standard.
I tested it tonight with a ChowCentaur in front and an IR cab and I was pleased.
I do use some noise supression (on Dwarf hardware level)

but yeah it is pretty noisy, noisier in comparison to some other experiments I did.

I like the amp as well but I’m going to check if I can clean it up and re-amp it again.

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Yes. But it is a ral good start after all! I didn’t want to sound critical. The sound is amazing! And… it is your start in modelling. For that really good!

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no worries man :smiley:

Au contraire, thanks for checking and providing feedback.
It’s up to us guys here to contribute in offering some fun and usable profiles! :smiley:

I’ve got an idea to craft and amp sound as well and wrap it up in a profile.
That would save me tha hassle of re-creating that centaur-amp-EQ setup each time :smiley:

I’m trying the high gain side of these things because I’ve got the feeling that’s a perspective that can bring value to this community.

It comes with certain challenges like: “how much gain” will you use … A lot or “slightly less” to have some “room” to add that later etc.
Noise is another thing.the NRR-1 that I uploaded as well has less noise but I’ve got some ideas.

I also plan to profile some acoustic amp stuff in the future though :wink:



I did more experiments and I can’t clean it up without messing up; somehow the modelling goes awry.
I’m sticking with the original one for now

New update, V3, now with sound sample in the OP :wink:

************* Update:

The “Diplomacy Less Harsh” version

I created this “less harsh” version in an effort to

  • take out the high “woosh”
  • snipe some unwanted specific “rings”
  • fit in better in a band context
  • allow just a bit more dynamics when fiddling with a (dist)pedal in front

This is an experiment to see if I need to give some attention to certain things in my workflow training models.

The JSON file:
Diplomacy-amp-high-gain-less-harsh.json (31.7 KB)

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I am not the “high-gainer”, but I will test it that evening. …looking forward…

Still need to test it at high volumes too but I reckon this one will be less prone to noise.

The previous one was a bit noisy ‘out of the box’.
and the sharp edge seemed like a liability (while nice on my settings and gear).

As I aim to deliver something usuable with a specific character, this should not be a one trick pony.

I truly believe that a simple daw, an AMP vst, some EQ ing and cleaning could really produce good and usuable live amp models. That is, if you think of it, in a way really creating a live sound out of thin air.

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I’m going to try and create some models from the Audio Assault plugins I have