Point Fifty | High gain amp in the Peavey/EVH 5150 style


Demo 1

Demo 2

Buon giorno!
I trained the model for the 5150 VST by Vadim Taranov.
It emulated a Peavy 5150
I named this model after my own Heavy Metal / Thrash band Point Fifty, because of the similar amps we use

Standard CPU usage
device = MOD-DWARF
file_name = Point50
unit_type = LSTM
size = 16
skip_connection = 1
ESR after training:  0.08176770061254501

Point-Fifty-amp-high-gain.json (53.3 KB)



People looking for a high gain sound should really check out this model and try it out loud, with a real cabinet. ( A simple pedal sized clean power amp suffices to drive a cabinet)

I did some further testing last night at our band’s rehearsal and it sounded better than the sound samples I provided. More clarity and less excessive “OOMPH” while remaining powerful enough

This amp model will be my go-to amp sound for a while, since it blends so well twith the the lead guitarist’s sound.