Show Us Your MOD Setup!

Thanks, James!

Good to see/hear from you!

I just got lucky with a particular video, and its for the wrong reasons lmao

But if it is growing, it at least gives me a chance to expose more people to plugin demos I’m prepping for :wink:


I like the sell pile the most… :sweat_smile: This shows you GAS

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I have done very well about not getting more GAS lol. I’m always willing to buy, but the wallet is spongy and bruised.

The trick for me, was to stop watching gear demos on youtube lol


Mine is an uncomplicated rig.
Tuner (I find the dwarf tuner lacking)
M-vave Chocolate to add some switches, essential I find for gigging.
Expression pedal (via the M-vave) for ‘those moments’
And my Dwarf


Nice board :slight_smile:

I’d be glad to find out more about this. What are issues you find in our tuner?

Plus, I can almost already visualize this board featuring something that is coming but the extra tuner really gets in the way :slight_smile:

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If I dare…there is already a few topics about the MOD Dwarf tuner that explains why it is nearly useless, i.e.:


@SamIAm, if I may suggest:

Since you don’t seem to be using the Dwarf’s Output 2, plug your tuner there instead and connect your instrument directly to the Dwarf’s Input 1. Then, on your Dwarf’s virtual pedalboards, run a virtual wire directly from Input 1 to Output 2.

This way, you can have your tuner turned on at all times and it will not be part of your chain at all.

It may even make a difference in your sound if the tuner is not totally transparent.


Great idea! I do like its ability to mute the sound when I’m tuning, but I’m sure I can figure out some way to mute my rig when doing my initial tuning and I love the idea of having a tuner on all the time (And sadly Tuna does not behave in a way I find helpful). xx

Ooooh yes, the mod CC expression pedal is loooks fab … I’d love to get my hand (foot!) on one as a beta or early release user! x
I play 5 string bass, the low B is difficult to track generally, but I find the Dwarf tuner difficult to use, visually and from a sensitivity perspective, tuners I’ve LOVED are the Peterson stomp with its stroboscopic tuning and surprisingly the Zoom B1X with its array of LEDs. They have different but amazing visual feedback (My Korg is … OK, not as good as they are but better than the Dwarf). If the Dwarf was able to display a stroboscopic style display I’d be able to use it and ditch the Korg (Making room for the Mod Pedal lol).A thread on this about alternatives to the tuner display has a number of great ideas, I like those posted here Tuner Display - #24 by James
As an afterthought, I’m a tech geekette … is ther an API to drive the Dwarf LCD? Would it be possible to replace the current Dwarf tuner with an OSS version?
S’manth xx


I love the strobostomp and bought 2 (one for me and one for my older daughter). They can take my strobostomp off my rig when the Dwarf has a strobe tuner :slight_smile:

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Very cool board, Smanth! I also love the small boards: My new physical PedalBoard: Reduced to the max

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Well, I decided to use the Dwarf built-in tuner (and hope for a strobe mode soon) and as a result I’ve shrunk my pedalboard, it now all sits on a Rockboard DUO 2.0. I’ve also added in a Laptop Battery so it can run without mains.

The thin USB extender on the right of the Dwarf houses both WiFi & BlueTooth dongles for maximum wireless connectivity.
For context, here my full (battery powered) rig.



@SamIAm, what is your pedalboard size?


@SrMouraSilva … Dimensions pedalboard (W x D x H) including rubber feet): 320 x 142 x 35 - 58 mm

Is is a Rockboard DUO 2.0 Rockboard DUO 2.0 with Gigbag – Thomann UK

Due to the space required between the Dwarf and the MVave, there is an overhang of about 4mm of the MVave beyond the edge of the pedalboard, but it still sits quite securely and is as close as I could find to a size I wanted.

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Ok, so this is my current setup.

I am using the VOL/WAH as a volume pedal, going into the looper.

I built the pedalboard from recycled wood. The section under the looper can be removed to save space when it is not needed.

The cable reel comes from a 3D printer filament.

What is really sucking is the nasty humming if I connect the board and the amp with a cable, but it disappears with the wireless system, so it is a ground loop for sure, which is strange since both the amp and the board are connected to the same socket… I noticed the ground loop compensation feature which helps somehow but not completely.



That is a cool, very capable compact rig!


Extended version for triaxis control (when I leave Axefx3 at home)


I reply to myself only to mention that for about 27€ I bought a Behringer “Hum Destroyer” HD400 which, apart of having a really cool name, completely resolved my ground loop issue, without noticeably altering the sound.



Tonight I am going minimal and I am taking for a solo concert just Dwarf and Bridge6 instead of a my large board for a first time. :slight_smile:

I received my Dwarf four months ago, however I started exploring its possibilities closely just couple days ago. I still have a lot of questions and issues, however I decided to give Dwarf a chance in live situation tonight - so this will be really adventurous.


That is a very interesting rig. I’d love to hear some sounds from your performance!