Show Us Your MOD Setup!

I suggested it, so I figure I should go first. Here’s my setup
I’ve tried to include the bass, guitar, piano and theremin into the photo. The area is a mess, so please excuse that :slight_smile:

With the patch panels, I can quickly configure just about any configuration supported by the Dwarf’s routing. The more I use the Dwarf, the more I like it. I can pack it up in a minute or two and take it to band practice and know I’ve got all the sounds I need at my feet.


That patch bay/audio interface set up is pretty slick!

I had lofty goals of rack mounting some stuff, like a patch bay, but that didn’t pan out lol

I use a dining room table for my set up currently, and all my things are desktop :frowning:

Canceled the NTS2 preorder and got a DF audio minibay as a desktop patch bay haha

My set up changes every time I sit in front of it.

I’ll post when I get my new additions in hand, and installed.

Your set up looks great!


Thanks! The “desk” is just some 1/2" MDF bolted to a keyboard stand that I already had. The rack is a 4U kit from amazon that is basically 2 short vertical rails and mounting plates. I think it was a whopping $30 or so. Figured it was worth the risk :slight_smile:

That DF Audio minibay looks so cool!

Look forward to seeing more photos of your setup :slight_smile:


I have two basses with TRS output jacks that split mags onto tip and piezos onto ring, so this is a fully duo-mono board:

Mag—>Empress Comp—>Dwarf input 1–>Jule Simone—>mixer
Piezo—>BodyRez—>Becos Stella Comp—>Dwarf input 2–>Phil Jones PE-5–>mixer

The mixer lets me combine the signals back together for an amp input, but the two preamps can go to a console separately. The expression pedal is attached to the MC6 instead of directly to the Dwarf, so I can control parameters via MIDI.

The tiny blue input box at the upper right is my own design—with the switch thrown to the right, the tip of a TRS input is sent to the first path and the ring is sent to the second path as described above; with the switch thrown to the left I can plug in a standard TS-jack bass and use a TS cable and have the signal sent equally down both signal paths for double the compression, preamping, and Dwarfing on the same signal.


What a cool setup! Love the compactness and the custom device. I’ve been interested in adding a piezo to my bass. Would you recommend it?


Mooer BabyTuner → Dwarf
BLACKSTAR Live Logic midi controller

All powered by Falken 1 Mega Power Bank.


nice! What’s the tiny toggle switch at the bottom right of the photo, below the tuner?


@malfunction54 unused right now. On the old pedal config was used to power on/off the previous power bank that did’nt come with on/off switch


my Duo and DuoX are in constantly-shifting rigs, but this is a fun one from a session with a friend. you can see the Duo on the floor beside the three expression pedals, the DuoX on the righthand table, and the MOD Footswitch on the floor under the DuoX. Sound sources were clarinet, saxophone, bassoon, and a dual NovaDrone. everything else is just control for the mangling and looping going on in the MOD units.

my friend had a similarly bonkers setup (no MOD though)… we had a good couple of days patching and troubleshooting before two final days actually recording.


Yes, absolutely—you might not get a true acoustic sound per se, but it gets closer than the mags do and definitely adds a tonal variant that your mags aren’t giving you. Cons: getting into a battery habit if you’re adding it to a passive bass.


Thank you for sharing, Mr. Lutek!

I totally understand the ever-shifting set up, and I find my set up looking very similar to yours (Cable Spaghetti) most of the time lol

I love it lol

Edit: also a big fan of ThinkPads :smile:


…only laptops i’ve ever owned. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


This is the way.

Although gubmint gave me a Panasonic toughbook, and I can’t complain. Guess I should actually use it with my mod gear. Should resolve my connectivity woes lmao


My current bass is already active, so that won’t be much change :slight_smile: I need to find a good piezo set and preamp. I’ve been curious about the Graphtech Ghost system, but I need to do more research. Yeah, I know it’s not going to achieve realistic acoustic sounds, but I just need a little movement in that direction.


I’ve got 3 in my house! :laughing:


A true icon of culture :slight_smile:


I’ve got the Ghost system in two basses and I love it—with bronze strings it gets really close to an ABG tone. I have the RMC system in my two Godin A4s (one standard tuning, one piccolo) and those sound TRULY acoustic—although I don’t know how much of that is because of their oversized hollow-body construction.


My test board with the Dwarf.

Its an old ikea shelf converted into a pedalboard while I work out layout and bits that I need.

Just in prcoess of making a 3.5mm to MIDI box to split into the line 6 via the dwarf etc

Its going to be a stereo board only. I have 2 other bards for the mono stuff that I plan to feed into my Helix floor loops - obviously studio only! might be a bit much to gig with


I feed the dwarf from here at present - TouchOSC controlling bits and pieces, Live sending MIDI etc .

Going well so far but been a journey as I’m sure most have had the same.

The powersupply was binned and find the DC8 to be happy enough to power everything I need which is ggod as the M5 is juice heavy as is the Dwarf - just remember to use the polarity changer cable the comes with the DC8


So clean :heart_eyes:

I’m pretty envious lol