Release 1.11.3

@falkTX, will do.

Have you reached us on support one month ago and got no answer?! If so, something went wrong for sure

@jon, that is correct. I was on the forum a couple of releases ago with the same issue. Someone recommended that I reach out to support, so I did. No response.

Please DM me with your ticket number and I will check what happened

There was no ticket number.

fwiw, I am not seeing changes in the gui both for tinygain plugins (decibals don’t change) and the pedal states don’t show on e.g. Sooper Looper.

ok… have you written to

I did back then (a month ago); not recently.

ok. so most likely something went wrong. Can you send it again? Please DM me here once you do it and I will check if it worked.

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Just caught the “aka” here. For all you fellow recovering techies out there (with long and painful memories) - there was an upgrade to a popular OS in the early 90’s (I think) called W(something or other) for Workgroups. The product’s popularity (or possible lack of…) eventually resulted in it being referred to throughout the industry as W(something or other) for Warehouses.

I believe they actually did sell some copies of it. Not mentioning any names here…

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re: Release 1.11.3 - #46 by ElijahLynn

I see a similar issue mentioned in release 1.10 here Release 1.10.0-RC2 - #35 by falkTX

can also reproduce web gui changes not matching the right footswitch addressings with your pedalboard, very weird!

@falkTX The download links for releases are broken. The domain “downloads dot moddevices dot com” couldn’t be resolved.

Also, are the v12RC versions available to download anywhere?

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@brooks, the cloud is still down. As soon as it is back live these situations should start getting solved.


Still not working. I’m not sure I understand what the problem is. I just need to download the latest firmware.

It’s not going to magically start working. The new company just got a bank account. Now they need to receive funds and then can they pay for resources at cloud providers and start putting things back in place.


It’s not going to magically start working.

It’s called, ‘pull out a credit card and pay the AWS bill’. Welcome to Entrepreneurship 101.

Marooning customers this way should not be dignified as acceptable.

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Or they could just send me a file… I was trying to use my Dwarf and I have major noise issues and wanted to reinstall the firmware. I just had to drop all of my work and troubleshooting when I was wanting to get my guitar set up and I could practice setting up effects with the Dwarf. I’m just sitting here waiting for… what exactly? I don’t know what’s going on with the cloud or what. I don’t see any staff coming to offer an explanation. I just wanted a file that should be readily available. :person_shrugging:

When @jon said the cloud is down, I don’t know why the cloud is down in the first place. And I have no idea how long to expect this cloud to be down. I’ve been checking back almost every day since I originally commented.

Without a bank account with funds in it … how do you propose anyone pays for anything?

Using creditcards to mount debt is such an american way to deal with life :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you.

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