Release 1.11.3

Hello everyone, another bugfix update for the 1.11 series is here - v1.11.3 aka “Music for Workgroups”

Mostly fixing momentary-mode addressings and use of multiple Control Chain devices.
Plus a little helper for caching plugin data, more details on the post below.

Hope you enjoy :slight_smile:

Here’s the full changelog:

  • add “/allguis” special page
  • fix list addressings changes from web gui not always using the correct value
  • fix momentary toggle state save of bypass controls
  • fix momentary toggles and triggers for snapshots
  • fix random disconnects when using multiple Control Chain devices

Dwarf specific:

  • update tempo tool screen when details change from web gui

The next time you open the MOD web interface you’ll receive an update notification.
Just click on the tooltip icon in the bottom-right when that happens, then ‘Download’ and finally ‘Upgrade Now’.
Wait for a few minutes while the MOD updates itself automatically.

We hope you’re enjoying your MOD unit.
Let us know if you find any issues.


For details on the “new” /allguis page.
This is something we had before, but now fixed up to work properly on latest release.

When you open the web gui with /allguis as path, for example it will load a special page that will cache all the plugin resources in the browser (assuming the browser is able to do such things)
So next time you load up the regular webgui, those plugin resources should be in cache and thus the web gui loads a bit faster.

The intention is to help with bluetooth connections which are very slow. So you load up the bluetooth dedicated web url and let it be while it fetches all plugin stuff.

Note that the resources are versioned, so cache is valid only for 1 specific version/build.
After an update, this step is required in order to cache the whole plugin resources again.


Great:) also solves that problem on Cardinal?

No, that is a separate update I will push in a moment


Great solution to get updated plugins :slightly_smiling_face:. (don’t find the thumps up emoji)
As far I have seen the premium user plugins are not included.
I sent Jon the request and my datas on 25 February.

Thank you very much! \o/
Could the /allguis optional, adjustable under Advanced Settings, automated after each plugin update run feasible?

I believe that the Premium Plugins from crowdfunding were all already processed. Have you checked the Plugin Store to understand if they don’t appear as purchased?

Could the /allguis optional, adjustable under Advanced Settings, automated after each plugin update run feasible?

no? doesnt make much sense, the resources need to be loaded by the browser first so they can be cached, we cant do it behind the scenes.

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this release appears to fix this:
“momentary ON” display problem


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I have checked that plugins that belong to the premium package are still payable.
I do not want to publish the content of our PM’s here.

this topic is on releases, it is not the place for that anyway

@Jon I checked it now in detail.

Here’s a “quote” of the scope of delivery according to the Kickstarter
reward for “MOD Dwarf + Premium Plugin Pack (295 €)”. Dated at 3.sept.2020.

I have added a comment behind each item whether it’s OK, price in Euro or purchased.

Unlimited free access to 300+ curated plugins: - OK
Custom EVA case for transportation - OK
Gx BoobTube - Guitar tube based fuzz plugin - 10 €
Gx Cream Machine - tube power amp modeler plugin - Purchased
Guitarix Valvecaster - Valve boost/distortion plugin - 10 €
K-Devices WOV-The ultimate plugin for all the tremolo freaks - 15 €
SHIRO Gaffa - Tape Delay simulation plugin - 10 €
SHIRO Phantom Zone - Dimensional chorus plugin - 10 €
SHIRO Shiroverb mkII - Shimmering reverb plugin - 12,99 €
VeJA Titan - Multi channel tube guitar amp modeler plugin - 10 €

Not included in the list of Kickstarter from 3rd Sept 2020 are follow:

Dynamic : RMPro - 29 €
Generator: Analogue Soul - 10 €
Simulator: California - 12 €
Eng 212 - 12 €
Marsh 1960 - 12 €

hope it helps

This can be shifted to another place.
I don’t know the right place where I can place urgencies for a delivery.

the place for that is with support emails or with DMs as you already were involved/participating.
nothing will go faster if you write these details in public, you just waste others forum user’s time here.

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The support would have been a possibility I hadn’t thought of.
I reject the rebuke that I am wasting the time of other forum members by responding to Jon’s reply. (“He think that has already happened”)
I am of the opinion that other participants are also interested in whether they have received the Premium pack and how this can be determined.

Once again, I am having problems with installing this update on my Dwarf. I had troubles a couple of releases ago (about a month~5 weeks ago). I was able to update my Dwarf, skipping the one I couldn’t install. And now, I’m back to trying to make the current update happen, without success. Any tips/clues/spells that will work, I’m all ears! LOVE the Dwarf, am learning how to use the power that it contains. Just am not digging the release update troubles I have.

I have never had issues updating my units.

I have to use the USB connection, as the Bluetooth capability of the device does not cover the upgrade process.

I use safari on my iPad for all gui and updates.

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And this helps me HOW?


I didn’t see any of your troubleshooting steps, how it’s connected, or what browser you were using.

There is almost zero info in your post that would provide any hint as to how someone could help.

I posted what works for me, my browser and how it’s connected in the hopes that perhaps you are doing something different.

Hope your issue gets resolved.