🎸 Introducing new PREMIUM PLUGINS!


High quality models with VOLUME or GAIN and CHANNEL CONTROL - just like the real amp.

Our plugins utilizes a conditional modeling approach capturing the volume or gain knob in various positions and allowing the AI figure out the rest.

This gives you the full control for each channel that we modeled with the plugins. Dial in you favorite sound from sparkling clean to heavy distortion all with the same model.

Vibro: Get vintage warmth and dynamic response of the Fender Vibrolux*. Our plugin models the real volume knob, capturing every nuance of this legendary amplifier.

Tweaker: As versatile as the Egnater Tweaker 40*. With AIDA-X AI technology it emulates the gain controls of the original amp. From sparkling cleans to gritty overdrives, you can shape your tone effortlessly.

JCVM: Combine the best of the JVM410H* with our plugin. It faithfully models the gain or volume knob delivering an unmatched range of tones. Get the power and versatility of this iconic Marshall amp on your pedalboard.

They are only 19,90 € each and will (hopfully) fund further development of AIDA-X. As this is still a two man operation @madmaxwell and I really appriciate your feedback.
And based on that we might expand the plugins with newer models and features - or even have plans to add a few more amps down the line.

*Product names and trademarks are the property of their respective holders that do not endorse and are not associated or affiliated with AIDA DSP; they were used merely to identify the product whose sound was incorporated in the creation of this plugin.


Please, Hiwatt amply (503 or Gilmour series)


Does the Vibro include the cab??

No. These are all amp only.

For the Vibro cab you can use the MOD Vintage Cabinet. It has high resolution cabinets for the Fender Twin and Bassman, which couple very well with the Vibro.


just bought the JCVM, also to support development.
Just like @rino2 I hope the next will be an Hiwatt :slight_smile:


Here is an initial demo of the JCM. More demos on the way :slight_smile:


Love the Rush t-shirt

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I just bought the Vibro. Great cleanish sounds with the Bright Channel!!

Thanks Mod team and @madmaxwell & @spunktsch… keep the good work!

Being able to choose architecture model is very convenient… even the super light sounds good to my ears.


Me too!It sounds really good too!!

thanks @Zavorra , @fer and @Boukman. Appreciate that very much.

We would like to add a lot more amps - believe you me. In the end it really depends on the availability in our circles and how much we can “afford”.


I think it needs promotion to get it out there a little bit more because there is great potential in the Dwarf. I`ll try to make a demo at some point…Thanks!!

absolutely - I also have a long list for that :wink:
But every help is greatly appreciated.

We are also talking to to host the AIDA-X models there. Takes a while but eventually that would improve a lot with exposure. Also talking to some key people modeling there to get maybe some more amps.

Sometimes it’s a little harder to balance everything between our daily jobs and AIDA DSP.


Great!I made some models of amps and pedals.I will post them there when it`s ready!Keep up the good work!!


Thanks for this cool plugins. I have bought the JCVM plugin to support your work. I will test it in our rehearsal room with my band within the next days.

Keep up the good work!


Very nice introducing @spunktsch !!!

A different request here : entering with a piezzo guitar signal and have a good mic sound with the AIDA


:smiley: +1

Any chance for bass amp plugins like that?)


And ideally not the usual suspects… there are a million SVT models out there already…

well… I have a Ampeg SVT VR, Ampeg V-4B and the Amped sci pedal here. Plus an Orange Terror Bass wich is a hybrid.

I would combine these into one premium plugin. Adjustable gain knob and a blend knob for the drive frequency cutoff.

@ignis32 let me know what sound you are looking for.

In general we would like the next plugin be a more collaborative effort. Given there are a lot of bass players on the forum I think this would be a great opportunity to do that.

So head over to the thread and lets talk ideas.


Yesterday I’ve made the choice of going to the gig by train (without amp), configured a pedalboard from my main one in the station :

(sorry the example I made you can listen with a Ridge overdrive pedal, I didn’t had the audio playback in firefox, don’t know why)

And it’s very, very impressive ! Thanks for all the contributors of AIDA-DSP !!!