BASS Premium Plugin by AIDA DSP

as mentioned in the other thread we like this plugin to be based on user input.
What are you looking for in a bass model?
Apart from the specific available models I think the bass sound heavily depends on the ability to blend in the gain/drive.

So far our idea is to keep the AIDA-X base and add some specific bass related options.
Thinking of the blend knob for the frequency the is unaffected by the drive and a ultra lo/ultra hi switch like on the ampeg amps.

Will add some mockups later.


Thanks for looking after the bass players! For me a blend is very important and it should be a flexible amp that can be used in many situations.


You had asked what sound I am looking for in the original thread. I really appreciate possibility to ask for something particular.
But to my shame I do not have an answer for a couple of reasons.
It’s been ages since I’d seen a real amp in flesh, and my goal here is processing bass side of my Chapman stick, which is quite exotic and there are not a lot of signature known setups documented for it that could be used as a template.

So I can just wait what actual bass players would ask for and hope that plugin would be versatile and flexible enough so I could find a sweet spot with it.

Wish I was more useful)

P.S. probably as bass is more wide-range instrument than guitar (if we take slaps and overtones into consideration) it might require more eq controls than it’s guitar counterpart, but it’s just a guess.


Nice! been looking for Bass relevant pedalboards and this is appreciated. Although I lack the experience and verbal skills to really voice what sound I’m looking for.

[mod: I also moved the topic to requests as it’s still a plugin proposal, once there is something released there can be a separate support topic for it :+1: ]

one of the first thing that pops up is AMS Exclusive Tony Levin Bass Performance - Chapman Stick - YouTube
So I think that Ampeg stuff is a good fit.

In no particular order, some models/makes that would be wildly different from what I consider the usual suspects:

SWR amps: Redhead, Workingman, etc
Acoustic amps like Acoustic Image (RIP Rick Jones) or the Genzler Acoustic Array
Wayne Jones
Phil Jones


There’s a big part of me that wants to say Marshall VBA400, that head is a 40kg, all valve beast. As much as it deserves waaaay more love than it gets theres a reason most go for a SVT or similar, it’s very popular and very impractical to kart it about.

It would be cool to have a vintage and modern voicing option, sweepable mid and a subtle bright/low toggle that isn’t overwhelming at high volumes.

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For a clean/drive blend I’d consider maybe having something a little more nuances, having a LPF and slight compression on the clean tends to make it much more cohesive. There are too many clean blends where the two signals feel very separate and don’t really work together.

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I’m a long-time Eden user. Though I don’t use the “enhance” knob much, I know it’s a beloved feature. I think it’s mostly a mid scoop, but I could be wrong. The other feature I like about the Eden stuff is the semi-parametric EQ section. That being said, throwing the x42 parametric EQ plugin after the amp model would likely be a better solution.


I’m a novice player, but am really enjoying designing pedalboards for my fretless. Like others have said, I usually prefer a clean-ish sound with a bit of EQ. The VeJa Mutant is my go-to.

What I would appreciate is a low cpu setting if possible, or at least tack some distortion / compression, maybe chorus ?

Sound wise I’d love if you could get the distortion sound of the Boss ODB-3 in there.

I’ve grown to love it, as it’s “easy to mix” and fits well in a metal band context. I keep getting compliments from FOV engineers for my sound with it :slight_smile:

It’s sounds quite different from all other overdrive/distortion sounds for Bass that I’ve heard so far. So, it might be nice for those who are searching “something new”…


Yes, I would second that!
And maybe that’s also a good basic principal to set this up. For a clean sound the good old SVT seems to be a nice common ground, but for more distortion it would be good to choose from different characteristics.

If I could choose, I would like to be able to switch between:
1.) Boss ODB style,
2.) Darkglass style,
3.) VT-Bass style distortion

And additionally I would really like to have an amp or even a pedal that integrates that “enhance” or “character” feature. It gives you very easy access to tweak your sound in a live or rehearsal situation, without the need to go over your whole equalizer settings.


If you haven’t, check out this capture : Boss ODB-3 Bass Overdrive - Neural Modelling / Model Sharing - MOD Audio Forum

It’s my own :grin:
The trained model works alright, but it’s kind of a “one trick pony” with my settings baked into it. Having the pedal more “natively implemented” would maybe give better control, I hope

Focus … hehe
Agreed on that point.

for those of you looking for ways of using guitar models with bass, using a frequency splitter and only running the higher frequencies (experiment anywhere between 100-400hz) through the guitar amp will often give you a lovely warm amp sound without the possible loss of low end associated with guitar amps.

That said, I’ve also found quite a few guitar amp effects on the MOD platform that work great for bass full range…

But yes, AIDA bass- specific models would be fabulous :slight_smile:

EDIT - this is what to use - CrossOver 2 - MOD Audio :slight_smile:


Honestly I think I’d rather those as standalone pedals rather than baked into the amp profile.

I thought what STL Tones did with their Graviton bass preamp was a good balance between clean/dirty options and a lot of tonal variety. You could get a decent level of grit from the head but it also took additional drives and boosts pretty well too.

Great, would give it a try asap. Makes me wonder what other useful recipes I am not aware of.

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Some of us hate the SVT and its ubiquity as demonstrated in your statement. Not picking a fight, just saying.