BASS Premium Plugin by AIDA DSP

The joy of the MOD platform is its ability to accommodate and absorb our most insane ideas :slight_smile: The most exciting aspect for me is still the options for many, many parallel, switchable paths, having things running in series and/or parallel, using multiple cabinet sims to get the tone I want, running preamps in parallel, or sometimes even L/R using one of the width-control plugins to make sure that they aren’t hard L-R, but instead just giving some width.

That plus the near-infinite variability in how those things are controlled, especially when CV is brought into the mix, and it’s worth just seeing what mad nonsense you can conjure up and then try it out :slight_smile: 80% of my board started out as ‘mad nonsense’ :smiley:

FWIW, I was momentarily using the AIDA plugin for preamp stuff, but then realised how much I like combining a ton of different processing to create a tone that is uniquely mine, rather than a clone of something that exists. Modular tone building is my idea of a great night in :slight_smile: I’m sure I’ll be going back and forth with the AIDA models over time, but I’m just as happy using the preamp tube IRs and speaker cabs and EQ plugins.


Yeah, I can absolutely see that, but it’s the sound most people probably have in their heads, when they think about what a bass sounds like. So it made sense for me on a developer/seller standpoint.

For myself it wouldn’t be that much of a problem, as the SVT is versatile enough for my clean sound needs, and I’m more interested in different gain characteristics. But that’s my personal preference.