Parameter assignment directly on the device

I realise that the focus is currently not on new development work and resources are scarce, and I also realise that this has come up before, but one (hopefully small) piece of work that I think could make a big difference would be to have the ability to do parameter assignment directly on the MOD rather than through the web UI.

My son’s a professional guitarist working around London, travelling light and looking to reduce the size of his pedalboard. In many ways the Dwarf would be ideal for him but the one key reason he’s stated that he doesn’t feel confident to take it out is that if you’re out on a gig and need to tweak a parameter and you’ve not assigned it in advance you’re really stuck.

It wouldn’t need to look pretty; could be quite rough-and-ready (maybe it could just sit under Input Processing in the system menu) but it could be a game-changer for some. It would also “make good” on something that was teased even before the Dwarf came out.




I am asking for the same in [Wish for a better UI] post


Yes - I read your post and something like that would be great in the longer term, but I suspect more development time than is available at the moment, whereas something super simple might be achievable at this stage and would be a great help, even if it’s not the full solution.

@ianr I use the Dwarf on stage and also sometimes have to tweak the pedalbords on the Dwarf. I always have a small and cheap Samsung tablet with me and connect it via Bluetooth (working Dongles can be found here and here). You can start the “normal” browser editor on the tablet and tweak everything needed. The Bluetooth connection is naturally a bit slow, so I don’t want to build a complete pedalboard via Bluetooth. but it’s perfectly adequate for setting up the plug-ins or tweaking something. For me this works perfectly on stage. And I have the smallest and transportable Pedalboard of all.

Thanks Kim,
I love your pedalboard but mine’s even smaller as it’s just the dwarf :slight_smile:
I’ve also used tablets in that way and it does work, although sometimes a bit painful; but that would be too much for my somewhat technophobic son (he says he’s tried to set it up with BT but it didn’t work, and I’ve not had the chance to go through it with him yet) and, I suspect, many normal guitar players.

Hi @ianr,
I’ve made a feature request about something like that some time ago. Many likes but no reply.