Access every plugin parameter from the Dwarf screen


I have thought about a problem that could happen to many users : you’re in a live situation and your tone isn’t like you expected. You want to modify something in a plugin but you haven’t mapped this specific parameter to a control. So I think that a generic screen with an access to every plugin parameter of the pedalboard in use could be useful.

I think the Dwarf, with its 3 endless knobs, is really ideal to have such a screen. It could be accessed from the setting menu and could look like this :

  • knob 1 : drop down list with every plugin name on the pedalboard
  • knob 2 : drop down list with every parameter name of the selected plugin
  • knob 3 : values of the selected parameter

Sorry if this has already been asked. I only have found an old topic related to the Duo.


Then as an extension…
Press one of the buttons, labelled “Assign”

Knob 1 then selects “Assign to” (None, Device etc, but could start with just these two)
Knob 2 Selects Page and sub-page (/footswitch if appropriate)
Knob 3 Selects the control (Knob 1, Knob 2, Knob 3 / Footswitch B or C)

Press a button to save, or another to cancel…job done!



After thinking about it I like this method. Remind me of the Teenage engineering OP-1 nested menu with the knobs that seems quick:

And maybe press knob to “enter” and maintain it to “go back”?