Bluetooth Dongles tested on MOD Devices

Hello dear MOD family!

Finally, it is my time to ask you for some help :slight_smile:

I would really love it if you can help me and share brands/models of Bluetooth dongles that you successfully and unsuccessfully tried with the MOD devices in order to access the WebGUI.
The idea is to create a list and post it in our wiki for new users.

Please mind that I didn’t dig much in order to search for those feedbacks here in the forum. I’m aware that they were discussed here and there, but my idea is to save some time and keep straight into the subject.

Thank you so much in advance!

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Here is one that I use and have had zero issues so far!


Hello @jon,

I don’t know this list was complete in 2019…

Hope that helps and God bless,


Thank you so much for sharing your “MOD forum knowledge” with me! It really helps me out.
If you are aware of new dongles that also work or really don’t, please add them here

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This one is not working on my side (Android 9, Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e):

LogiLink BT0015 nano USB Bluetooth Adapter Stick Dongle V 4.0


This Bluetooth dongle works perfectly with the dwarf :wink:


And this one runs Plug&Play. Just plug it and it works!


Hi @jon
The Asus BT500 (Bluetooth 5.0) works perfectly !
I don’t see any latency in the webUI (a bit slow to charge though), very reliable !

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ASUS BT400 works (with MOD Duo X)

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I’m using one of these - no problems with connection. Maxesla Bluetooth 4.0 USB Dongle Adapter Wireless Black Black for sale online | eBay

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I’m very disapointed.
I try to connect WebUI on my MOD DUO X with the bluetooth dongle I used with my MOD DUO but it doesn’t works.
So I saw here that a guy from Mod Devices use a Asus BT400 bluetooth dongle with a Mod Duo X. I bought one but it still doesn’t work.
I’ m going mad.
What happen?
Why does it work with a Mod Duo and it doesn’t with a Mod Duo X?
Any ideas?

Hi Julien, the dongles should work with the Mod Duo X or the Dwarf, but depending on the receiving device, connection will not be established as the receiver doesn’t detect the sender.

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