OR - Expression Ramper

Hello i like to introduce my new smallone plugin named OR. Its expression ramper pedal, its inspired by Old Blood Noise Endeavors Expression Ramper.
I hope it’s useful for someone :slight_smile: .

(builded on dwarf) simple copy to plugin folder on your dwarf.


So this is generating a CV signal?

I’m actually working on a method to configure CV i/o in hvcc using a config, which should make it a lot easier than having to do this manually in the resulting code.

Really nice pedal design btw :slight_smile:


Thanks, yes, the output of this pedal is cv signal, I set it in the range 0-5v because I don’t know if it matters and the internet advised this range for cv.

I didn’t finish the description yesterday, so I’ll fix it now.
What exactly is the OR expression ramper?
It’s an expression pedal under the footswitch. Set position A and B and then you will be able to move between this position gradually at the set rate. The movement can be triggered by a footswitch or it can bounce between positions automatically in triangle or square waveform, for unpredictable result you can use random switch whitch generate random rate from set value. I hope that is understandable.:slight_smile:


Does it work with DuoX?

I assume this specific build is for Dwarf, but there is no reason why the plugin could not be built for DuoX in the future.

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Feel a bit silly asking but how do I access the plugins folder using Windows PC to pop this plugin in?

There’s no shame in not knowing. I for that using WinSCP.
After you installed WinSCP, run it, connect Dwarf to USB(must be powered on :slight_smile: ) and hit Ctrl+N after that you will see this window

fill it same as you see on picture and password is “mod” and hit login.
Path where you can find plugins is /root/.lv2/
if you dont see .lv2 folder in root folder hit Ctrl+Alt+H
hope thats all :slightly_smiling_face: if you have any question please ask


Superb response, really appreciate that, will give it a whirl in a bit

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OK managed to drop the file into lv. 2.

Its not showing up on Dwarf - do I need to copy it as it is or go into the first folder and copy that folder over - if that makes sense

Sorry now all sorted I took it out of it’s parent folder. Shows up fine u der utility cheers. Can’t wait to ricochet the sh*t out of my whammy :joy::+1:

And it works perfectly - need to make a midi version so I can ping it out to my helix or microcosm or both… Mind blown already

Already got past that - Mindi doing usual duties.

I can’t thank you enough - probably best plugin I’ve used recently.

8 step program clone next maybe?


Hi there,

I used WInSCP, I 've managed to put few plugins to the "lv2 folder but I can not find those plugins in my Dwarf. Is there a special place where I can find it on Dwarf? I searched on plugin shop and no luck.

Did yo clear the browser cache to make the changes visible ?

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Yes. I will try today once more.

If the plugins are in rootlv2 folder they should be visible in Dawarf? Should I look for them in plugin shop?

hello, after you copy plugin to .lv2 folder you must reboot dwarf, after that you can see it under its category, for example OR is under UTILITY.


I took it out of it’s parent folder and now it works - thank you guys!