Official way to "sideload" plugins

Hello, I don’t know if this is the right category, and also apologies if the terminology is not the right one.
By sideloading I mean, when I have an LV2 plugin that I want to deploy to my mod DUO directly via USB (ie bypassing the usual modduo.local webinterface and downloading from the official store). I could want to do this for many reasons, mainly: the plugin has not been released to the official store, or if I am myself developing a plugin and want to test it.

Now, the wiki states that:

You can push an LV2 plugin bundle to a MOD unit via command-line, using curl, by running this: (adjust as needed)

$ cd ~/mod-plugin-builder/plugins/package/eg-amp-lv2/source/
$ tar cz eg-amp.lv2 | base64 | curl -F 'package=@-'

…But on the other hand, someone in another thread, developer of OR - Expression Ramper, stated that we can:

ssh into the mod device by connecting to 
use credentials "root" and "mod"
then copy the plugin to the folder /root/.lv2/

Now, these are similar but radically different ways; first one, from the wiki, is compressing and encoding the plugin, then copying to a /sdk/install/ folder; the second one seems to be the option to deploy plugin files directly to the .lvs folder where plugins actually live.

Could someone please clarify if these options are equivalent, which one is best, and under which conditions?
Also, just to clarify, I have a mod DUO in case it makes a difference.

Thanks in advance!

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the first option passes the bundle into mod-ui which automatically deals with removing old versions and loading the new one, then refreshing both the GUI and audio host side. with this approach it is possible to add new plugins while the audio is running

the 2nd option simply copies over some files, then needing a reboot so the plugin host and GUI can detect the new content.


Amazing, thanks for the prompt response!
So technically I could use the first option while having the browser interface loaded, and the DUO should load up any new plugin and refresh the plugin list?

Also, could you confirm that both options work for my mod DUO?

Finally, is there a way of doing the first option, but with a gui like Jacube recommends winSCP? I’m happy to use the command line, but since I’m in windows I would need to run WSL just to do issue the tar, base64 and curl commands.

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the same commands work on all units, it is the same base system.

on windows I cannot help, the manually pushing of files is the alternative we have.

if you feel like doing some coding, the same is possible as a web service too why not. you can make a tool (say in python) that takes a folder as argument and pushes it as lv2 bundle.
something like… (not python code here just some high level thing)

tar = package_folder_as_tar_gz()
data = base64.encodebytes(tar)
modws = WebSocket('ws://')