New Tape Emulation on the block

Thanks @falkTX
I get a forbidden when I go to that link…

sorry, fixed now

Amazing! @falkTX you are awesome!!


@chowdsp @falkTX the ChowCentaur is mad good! Very smooth and no artefacts at all! I get about 15-20% cpu usage on a pi3A+ running armv7. Would I benefit at all from a 64bit os?


Did you manage to finally build it? I have exactly the same error…


regards Fer

When did you try to build this?
It should work fine with the latest MPB stuff.

just now, but with an old docker image (although I did a git pull & submodule init and update and bootstrap again)…

I would love to have Chow Centaur on my dwarf, but am completely new to programming. Can anyone help with specific instructions?

Thanks in advance

we will try to push it officially, so if you are patient, it will appear in the store eventually.
I can also push it as beta, though we need a small update in the cloud infrastructure first.


I can be patient. But would also be cool to know how to do it in case I find something else I would like to use.

I’m trying to upload to my dwarf using docker and the mod sdk, however the instructions on the wiki give an incorrect command prompt. Here is what I am getting.

C:\Users\derek>docker run -p 9000:9000 -v C:\Users\derek\Desktop\LV2 Plugins:/lv2 moddevices/modsdk
docker: invalid reference format.
See ‘docker run --help’.

Once again new to coding, can you help?

mod-sdk? I think you mean mod-plugin-builder

Assuming you are looking at How To Use Docker Toolbox With MPB - MOD Wiki ?

Were you just looking on the wrong place as @dreamer suggested or you confirm the issue?

TBH I don’t know enough about coding to even be attempting this. I’ll just have to wait until it is pushed through as beta

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Let’s hope that it’s soon :wink:

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Any news on this plugin being available soon?

Thank you

There needs to be a modgui (html/css) interface made and maybe patch the source-code to disable the heavier oversampling modes (it’s unusable with those).

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As far as I know its already being tested and what @dreamer mentioned is already being tackled (successfully). I believe that @jesse may be able to give some more accurate input here.


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