Chow - Centaur

Took some time, but ChowCentaur is now in beta!
EDIT: it was moved to stable on 2023-02-23

Finally got a setup with mod-plugin-builder that can easily build some of the newer JUCE-based plugins.

With some little attention, this could already be a good plugin, I think it just needs:

  1. a gui, in my opinion could even be one of the generic mod-sdk templates
  2. bypass parameter integrated as lv2:enabled, for the on/off switch from MOD
  3. fix mono parameter switch causing xruns (that will need to be done by @chowdsp)
  4. description and category

The other plugins from @chowdsp can likely be handled in a similar fashion soon.

Testing / feedback is welcome.


A brief A/B against a Wampler Tumnus reveals… the Chow Centaur sounds really good. Thanks for getting that into Beta, @falkTX !


this is a great and stuff I was hoping for.
Next additon the BYOD - pretty please.

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I would start a new thread for the plugins that are in beta and need help.


How would you even use BYOD? I don’t see any easy/trivial way to create a gui that can create BYOD patches inside MOD.

oh great! thank you

I tested the plugin, it works great, thank you!

I have nothing more to add to your list.


started working on the gui of the Chow Centaur

I know these guitar pedal plugins can easily be made with the stock mod-sdk but again wanted a non pixel based alignment. These are all just rough sketches - more or less.

I think they all have their pros and cons.

traditional: looks the most inspiring. Put a more touchscreen friendly switch on it that also acts as the led.

compact: best of both worlds, or in the middle of nowhere - im undescided ^^

mini: ableton style super effecient but not very catchy,


I love the first one because it gives you the feel of the Klon without being a clone of it. I know the skeuomorphic debate rages on, but honestly the first one just lets you glance at a pedalboard and know what you’re in for.


+1 for the first and the second version. If you decide to go with the first one, using a darker yellow and brownish knobs to make it look closer to the original, would be good. In any case, great initiative.


First one is pretty. Design wise the whole thing “fits” better (even though I agree we don’t necessarily need skeuomorphic designs).

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I like the knobs, art, label and buttons of this one

And I like the form factor of this one because it’s more similar to the layout of the original pedal (3 knobs in a line) and because it’s a bit more compact

I would like to see that form factor with style from the first one I think

I agree maybe a more goldish kind of colour would be appropriate


I’m especially loving the big button/indicator! I often find myself having a hard time seeing the little LEDs on other plugins when zoomed out on a pedalboard. And to make things worse, there are some plugins like Gaffa where the off LED is red when off and brighter/whiter when on and it constantly confuses me! Your button/indicator combo is so easy to see AND click!


I vote this way. design of #1 with form factor of #2 and a darker gold would be perfect! Excellent work!


same here. Would be really nice to have some sort of greyed out effect for disabled plugins.


thanks - there you go. Change some colors and moved the brand up. It’s not that compact anymore.


I love it. I think this one has better tone :stuck_out_tongue: Or maybe “tone is in the centaur”?


Nice work! looking at the at next to the StarChild, I feel like you could reduce the scale of the whole thing a bit. The knobs look a fair bit bigger

I agree. I was thinking footswitches with LED rings would be cool for GUIs. That way it makes it a lot clearer but it still somewhat represents a footswitch. Like this type

EDIT: I think another reason that led me to thinking this kind of footswitch might be nice is because the rectangular button may not be as obviouse that it’s a button


This is a very quick and dirty photoshop just to illustrate the kinda thing I was thinking

You could make the footswitch look nicer it’s just a mockup. I figure with the LED indicator arround it that can also be part of the clickable area so it’s a bit bigger for touch screens, a bit clearer to see than the old footswitch and separate LED, but also still looks like a footswitch like those on the HX Stomp etc

I also scaled the whole thing down a bit


They are. i’ll have to check if I can still turn the knobs with a touchscreen when zoomed out.

right.That might be confusing - maybe more in the style of a boss pedal just to keep the larger footprint. for touchscreen. It might even be easier to treat the whole row as footswitch but keep the image as a footswitch.