MOD Cabinet Loader

Hello everyone, we would like to introduce you to a new plugin - MOD Cabinet Loader.

It is an impulse-response (IR) loader, where the first part of the convolution processing is done in realtime and the rest in a background thread.

If that sounds familiar it is because we are using the same exact engine as the “MOD Convolution Loader” that is focused on reverbs.
This one though is focused on (mono) cabinet simulators.

The 2-stage approach for its processing allows more efficient use of the unit’s multiple CPU cores, specially if your setup mostly makes use of a single audio chain.



I did the update but the problem remain, when I want to load an IR, the dwarf disconnects from the GUI and the two input LEDs flash red

please send me this IR via private message, I will then take a look at the issue.

I had something similar couple of days ago on MDX, when loader was mentioned in some another thread. Loader was still with a Tuna can GUI at the moment. Browser UI stopped working, was not available until I switched pedalboard to the one without loader with hardware interface.
I recall relay clicks when trying to load browser UI.

I’ll try to reproduce once more.

UPD: tried dozens of IR files and could not get the same problem.

I have the same problem with some IRs . For example this one: Guild D-260ce - Acoustic IR which looks mono 48khz

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I personally do stereo guitar FX (via a stereo widening plugin early in the chain) so I’d appreciate a stereo version

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Plugin is updated to 2.0-4, should fix the crashes when loading some IR files.
Testing is very appreciated, let us know if the issue is resolved

Note to “update all” plugins including beta you need to enable beta plugins in the store first, and only then click “update all”.


Thanks, so far it’s ok with all my IRs.

Plugin updated again, now has a modgui, no other changes.

With this we are very close to a final version of the plugin, perhaps already to be pushed to stable next week.


Does this version allow for cabinet selection with a knob assignment?


Oh hadn’t noticed this one since I was on vacation.

Thanks @falkTX !
Will try to test this weekend

Another small tweak to the GUI

@LievenDV if you could try it out it would be very welcome, same to anyone else reading this topic.

there are no more blockers for pushing this one to stable, we are just being cautions in cause we missed something.
in case we find no more issues, we will push it to stable early next week.


As a suggestion, if the Cabinet Loader accepts only “.wav” files, you could strip the file extension from the GUI.

I find it easier to read a cab name that way and it gives 4 letters more in the bottom part where the selected cab is displayed.

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both wav and flac are supported, same as in the reverbs.

I dont have a strong opinion one way or another, there can be cases where the extension is useful but not sure how common that is.

The name in the button shouldnt truncate 4 characters, but a bit less. it just uses “…” terminator when name is too big to fit.

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I am curious: how cabinet loader and convolution loader differs, in term of processing? Why having two IR convolution plugins?

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one is stereo meant for reverbs, has separate dry and wet, plus high pass filter and a buffered option that keeps dry signal latency-free but adds one-cycle of latency for the wet signal in order to reduce cpu usage even more (alike the portal plugin)

the cabinet loader is mono, only has a single output knob (no dry vs wet) and no high pass filter or buffered option.

they are based on the same engine, doing part of the IR processing in realtime for 0 latency, and rendering the rest of the IR (the “tail”) in a background thread in order to not take so much time from the main audio path.



I really like the interface. I would just get rid of redundant info (selected ir both are in the list and again at the bottom) to safe space. The File extension should be cut.

I’d also like the knobs and buttons to be bigger. Hard to see on a touchscreen.
A really nice feature would also be a LP and HP filter - just for taming some amp+ir combinations.
The I don’t have to add another plugin just to do that.

Something along those lines:


This looks cool, I’m using Celestion room mic ir and 2x12 open back ir and tis using a fair bit is cpu so will be interested to see how much reduction I’ll get. Using an Aida x capture of my home built amp DI stylie.

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while we tend to agree with the changes you proposed, for time reasons we prefer to stick with the current design.
it also matches the existing cabinets in the store (up to a point of course, this is a mix between those cabinets and the reverb UI).

at some point we should probably clean up the modgui for the existing cabinets, personally I have never been a big fan of so much space used for the graphics and having the controllable elements being tiny in comparison, feels quite wasteful to me.

so for now the modgui being pushed to the store is going to be the current one, as we validated it in quite a few scenarios already.


Saw a reduction of cpu usage 15-20%

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