M:N Bindings For Actuators And Parameters Again


I’m rather new to the MOD dwarf. Playing around with it since one or two weeks. All in all it is a great concept, being one of the few devices handling stereo. Being restricted to 1:1 bindings between knobs and parameters (Assign multiple functions to one footswitch? - #22 by diego and Allow assignment to knob on multiple/all subpages) is still something that decreases usability for me significantly. I know this has been discussed already a gazillion times. But given the fact that the old threads are inactive for more than a year, I though creating a new one would be okay and in the interest of a lot of other users. Must be an inside joke already like “Oh look, another thread about multiple assignments…” :wink:

I know, the “CV Macro thing” is there. But this is really just a workaround. I would like to put a stereo highpass at the beginning of my chain. I could either use the multi band parametric EQ (which is rather expensive CPU wise) or I could use the simple mono highpass. When I do the later using a CV macro I have “0…10V” on the screen instead of a frequency, which is not intuitive. Furthermore you have all those CV modules flying around on the pedalboard.

Vice versa: I assign a parameter to an external pedal and still want to be able to change the parameter when I don’t have that pedal with me. Or I want to mimic a “global knob”, a knob on each page that affects the same parameter, so I don’t need to select the specific page.

Instead of 1:1 binding It would be really important in my opinion to have n:n binding. There might be challenges, e. g. having different scales when assigning to multiple parameters to a knob. But even when you just pick stupidly the scale from the parameter first assigned it’s not worse than having “0…10V” on the screen.

Please, please implement this. I would make to Dwarf so much more flexible.

Is there any thread that discusses specific disadvantages?



You understand that this further fragments discussion and information?
Something that is already a problem on the platform.

Hi dreamer,

thank you for your objection. I’m sorry if you have the feeling that I further fragmentize this forum. My intention was to a actually DE-fragmentize it by joining two thread groups.
A: “Can we map multiple knobs to a single parameter”
B: “Can we map multiple parameters to a single knob”
I think this is basically the same problematic and should be discussed together, rather than adding similar replies to different threads spread out all over the platform.

When you already have fragmentation issues on this platform, I would recommnend you to do admin home work and close inanctive threads and clean up, rather than adding netiquette posts inside of technical discuassions. Apart from that this platform discouraged me from using the old threads printing a warning: “[…] Are you sure you want to continue this old conversation?”

I would like to go back to the actual topic now.

Is there any progress regarding this matter? Are there specific reasons collected somewhere why we can’t have these features?



I’ve been on internet forums for well over 20 years and this is almost never the solution.
Even if a topic is old, it can still be relevant. It really doesn’t makes sense to keep closing old topics and opening new ones.

From a technical perspective I believe the two issues you describe are not at all related and they pose very different problems to solve. Both from a back-end and a UX perspective.

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Well, actually it should be “m:n” :smiley: and it could be really nice to have, even if not strictly necessary once you find your workflow

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I really would like to see this happen too ! Nice to have a topic that combine those two requests !

I think the main reason is the fact that only one person (Filipe) is development the mod software.

Here is a perfect example, a user and developer took time to implement a function, but Filipe can’t check and maintain this feature alone : Two-way Midi Mapping - #14 by Rom

So, the only way to see modSoftware improve faster is to have more Dwarf sales, so that the ModAudio company is healthier and can hire another developer. But to increase Dwarf sales, we may have to get rid of the software limitations discussed here.


hi again

@Zavorra you are of course correct, should be n:m

thanks for these insights! @Rom
flipe, please please do it! :slight_smile:

i agree that this would be suboptimal but on the other hand, just showing the “first attached parameter” or something generic like 0…1 on multi assignments is not worse than the current solution “0…10v” as you would have now with the cv macro work around. in a lot of situations where you want to control two parameters of the same type it would work perfectly. and that wouldn’t clutter the pedal board space cv controllers. with the cv macro you always need to go an extra mile.

i think the table would not be that messy. currently you are showing free slots in white, occupied slots in grey and parameter related in purple. you could keep exactly that. the only thing you are not able to see then is double assigned actuators which you could fix by showing all assignments on mouse over. if you want to give more information on the first glimpse, you could introduce one single more color to encode “multiple assigned” knobs. this wouldn’t mess up the table at all as the visuals / layout is the same.


that’s something I am waiting to see for a long time.
I even think the whole workflow would be better served to map buttons to the parameters instead of parameters to the buttons. - OR a drag an drop solutions on a pull out menu.

As stated above the system is too complex for simple changes.