Seeing all mapping, organize snapshots?

After two weeks of using and learning the Dwarf on rehearsals and gigs here are some thoughts I would have really enjoyed :

table with the names given to the mapped parameters

It would be easy to understand all the mapping in a simple look to get the names given in the advanced panel :

If it was possible to edit all the names given to those parameters in this one place it could be time saver too !

a table of all mapped midi

It become easily a mess when you come in rehearsal with a pedalbord and ideas, but you use 2 of the 10 you mapped, and when it’s time to map a new parameter to the button you want to use is already taken but you don’t know by what !?!

A table like this could be a time saver, and a clearer view of the mapping !

move/delete the mapped knobs and buttons

It could be quite useful to be able to migrate one mapped parameter to another knob or switch (or delete its mapping to free the knob/switch) :
Mapping device - move

advanced panel always on

I always click on Advanced to rename the switch or knob, could this panel be open constantly ?
The less I use my computer’s pad, more my right wrist enjoys !

replacing a plugin without re-pluging the jacks

It would be a game changer to test plugins if you could replace one and keep all the inputs and outputs plugged. This is quite time consuming and uncomfortable to do with a pad when you have 3 paralleled stereo inputs and 2 stereo outputs to plug each time.
The mapping could be skipped (or keep the on/off ?), and the stereo merged in mono if the replacement is not stereo ?

the trash button deactivated when the zoom make it too small

In the same way, to get it fast I have done several times the click on the wrong icon : the trash instead of the edit-wheel. :sob: :dizzy_face: :scream:
This feeling is quite unique, like shame mixed with stupidity… could this be prevent by at least a warning (only with large zoom) before trashing a plugin ?

setlist of snapshots

I’ve tried to use the snapshots like this in a song :

  • sound A
  • sound B
  • sound A
  • sound C
  • sound B
  • sound A

It would be cool make a set list like this instead of duplicate snapshots, because when you decide to change something in the sound A, you have to make this change 3 time, or erase and re-duplicate the snapshots sound A.

exclude some parameters form snapshots

On the example above If sound A and sound B snapshots have just the feedback of one delay changing, you could want to modify the distortion while playing with sound A but when you go with sound B you lose the changing of the distortion.
I may have missed something here, is it possible ?

descriptions of plugins by the community

Some description of plugins are very short or difficult to understand, It could be great to be able to update the descriptions of the plugins, like a wiki or github, and the developer could integrate or not the changed proposed. Using the community to enhance those descriptions could be priceless for the plugin, the users finding unpredictable ways to use it.
Or it could be simpler to have let comments under the description ?

unplug a control chain device erase its mapping

Would it be possible to keep the mapping made for a control chain device even if it is not plugged ? Like a midi device ?


Forgot one :

tuning the tuner, and strobe mode

Most winds instruments like to tune at A 442Hz (not sure why, I think they get up with temperature unlike strings instruments), the three knobs of the Dwarf are all free to do the job of choosing the pitch, if it is not too time-consuming to code !

A strobe mode for tuning is easier to see when you’re tuning :

  • if it moves to the left you’re too low
  • if it moves to the right you’re too high
  • more it slows don more you’re near the right pitch

So you’re not lurking if the pixel are align, just looking if there is a movement. And it doesn’t required many pixels to be very precise.

It’s not really important features though, more on the comfort side !


These would be amazing QOL improvements on the platform.

Great suggestions!


And optionally twice as much pages, because you can load quite a lot of plugins with one modx and assign them to the knobs and buttons.

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This is quite of a super well documented feature request! Thank you so much @Rom :slight_smile:
Not promising anything, but let’s hope that there’s time to go over some WebGUI improvements soon(ish).


In this specific case, if you have just only three snapshots, it’s possible to go to any pedalboard if you assign two footswitches to control the snapshots:

Start with snapshot A
Move to next snapshot B
Go back to the snapshot A
Go to the previous snapshot (that are snapshot C)
Go to the previous snapshot (that are snapshot B)
And, finally, go back to snapshot A.

But if you have four or more snapshots, it will be a problem.


I thing the possibility to exclude some parameters from snapshot is urgent. Sometimes the mod duo become unusable.
For example I can’t use ALO looper because I use snapshot. And every time I load a snapshot it cut ALO playback.
Come one! You can do it!


Yep, you see the problem, thanks !

Hey, congratulations for this detailed explanations/feature requests. I agree with (almost?) all!

Also in this topic, Zoom MS 50g has something similar. But, in it’s case, isn’t possible to select the same snapshot twice in a list. (Just to cite an example of a device that already have something like this).

A snapshot is related to all configurations (except the assignments?). I think that probably increase a lot confusion if there is a way to do partial snapshots if no add a good UI User Experience to avoid mistakes by “pedalboard makers”. I.e., is necessary to easily indicates the “non snapshoteable plugins” (with a green border or some better).

In my specific case, I don’t have much different snapshot configurations: I just simulate a real pedalboard in the sense that between my snapshots I didn’t change the parameters, but only the on/off states.

Actually… I don’t use snapshots, I just use Switchbox to skip a sequence of plugins (like disable amp + cabinate at the same time).

Maybe an alternative for your case is:

  1. Create two instances of the same delay audio plugin at the same pedalboard;
  2. The first delay will be with less feedback;
  3. The second will be with more feedback;
  4. Add a switchbox before them;
  5. And use it to select witch delay do you will use.

This isn’t an elegant solution, because it doesn’t avoid that you work twice when you need to change/adjust/tune other parameter (but this also occurs when you have two snapshots).

Maybe an future alternative is you create two “plugins snapshots” for the same delay and the mod team implements a way to select between them by the physical (assign they by footswitch/knob).

It’s incredible a lot of possibilities that the a Mod equipment can do, but this also add some difficulty to how to configure to a fulfill use, specifically in the change configurations like @Rom 's problem.

I also have a problem like this, but in my case, I want to use somethink like octa switch, or just assign more than one on/off plugins for the same footswith, but actually I think that it isn’t possible. I think that it’s possible assign more than one parameter to the same CV, but I didn’t find a way to controlls the CV signal by a footswitch (footswitch on: CV = +5v, footswitch down: CV = -5v).

Sometimes I think to create a external controller that sends REST post to change the pedalboard status in the exactly way that I need instead try to use MIDI/CC to controls the Dwarf.


Hi SrMouraSilva,

I didn’t take time to thank you for your great post : thanks !

I agree, it has to be really clear in the WebUI ! It could be inspired by the way DAWs show you when you modified an automation. It could be like this :

  • as long as you don’t save a snapshot nothing happen
  • after you save a first snapshot, each time you move a parameter it is surrounded by green (for example)
  • when you want to save a 2nd snapshot you have the choice between
    → save the state of every parameters (as it is the case now)
    → save the state of the parameters modified since the snapshot 1 (in green)
  • if you chose the 2nd option, only those green parameters would be called back when you ask for snapshot 2

Not sure it would fit all cases…

As you do, I’ve decided to not use snapshots. Thanks to midi (I use a morningstarMC8) I can do as you mention with the octa-switch. I can assign multiple messages to one single switch so it can do and undo (for example) :

  • change the stage of a switchbox to send the signal to a delay
  • engage the tremolo
  • stop the octaver
    (I can’t change a plugin preset through midi though… :worried:)

I’m quite happy with this, and I understand the the way snapshots work now could be perfect for shows where you don’t need to move some parameters, but then it missed snapshots-playlist, isn’t it ?


This is super great! I agree with everything.
I think these are great solutions to improve the webGUI experience.

The possibility to move/delete/arrange the mapped parameters in a single page I think it’s a very important feature to add.

One more feature that comes to my mind is the possibility to re-arrange the snapshot order in the snapshot page.


I had this exact need yesterday! +1 on this :grin:


I’m really not an expert, how is this one hard to implement ?
(I still miss this one very much…)


It may be not so hard. But as far as I’m aware, right now the efforts are being spent on other areas. There’s a fairly vast list of improvements to the WebGUI that we want to do, what most likely will require all the development focus to turn into that for a while and get it all sorted out.
Basically to avoid jumping here and there and leaving the improvements on all the directions kind of halfway.


Sorry for bumping this up, but none of the posts I found about these topics got solved.

I second all the suggestions you offered here, @Rom ! Mapping is a must, swapping positions through drag and drop would be great.

May I also add : I’d love to be able to swap a whole page at once. Slide it, make page 1 become page 2, and page 2, 1.