Assign multiple functions to one footswitch?

Has there been any resolution to this question? I would still love to see this become reality as sometimes it would be nice to turn on and off multiple effects at the same time. I think it would greatly expand the possibilities of individual pedalboards.


I could see how this can get quickly out of hand with the current GUI. It could be hard to troubleshoot if you have multiple things assigned to a single footswitch and you want to clear it.

Maybe this functionality would be an advanced mode and a chart would be available to view.

In the mean time I’ve come up with ways around this with creative routing. The plugin with the four buttons (can’t remember the name) is a great routing tool especially if you layer your effects. There is also the use of presets.
I do wish I can assign a different preset to each footswitch… that would be cool!


@Skydiver do you mean the 4-way Toggle Switch? I agree that it’s a good plugin and useful, but it also is limited in it’s functionality. Let’s say for example that you want to toggle 2 switches at a time with the press of a single footswitch… now that’s something that would be nice.

But yeah, I agree that it could get out of control if you had too many assignments to a single footswitch. At that point, though, I think an easy thing to do would be to have a read out that shows what is assigned. Or maybe an option in the assignment window that allows you to clear all?

In any case, I still would love to see this functionality implemented :slight_smile:



what about this request? Are there any news. I would strongly request such a feature too!!!

In my opinion nearly any competitor device which names itself a multi fx unit has the possibillity to freely assign tons of functions to footswitches.

My main use case is:
Switching sets of plugin at same time on or off.

Also I do not understand the usabillity argument.

Thanks and best regards!


keep in mind you can achieve this today using pedalboard presets or by using the switchbox. :slight_smile:

Edit: the useability argument, is how do you see what all a footswitch is changing? Using routing or presets its quite easy to see what changes, but footswitch mappings are quite a bit more “hidden” since you have to go to the plugin settings and click the parameter to see what is controlling it. If you have multiple things on one switch and want to change it, suddenly you have to remember everything that its mapped to and go remove those, and then map it to the new parameters. Does that make sense?

What is the switchbox you are referring to ?

Generally you are right. The presets are very close to what I am looking for. But the major problem is the footswitch assignment possibillities. I can only select “Assign all”. This means I have then all presets including the default on one footswitch. I usually have about 3 to 4 standard sounds which I would like to switch per dedicated footswitch. With the current solution I have to perform a kind of a tap dance. And when using the presets which are build inside the plugins (which seems to be kind of a reuse of the pedalboard presets or vice versa) it even gets worse. This is because some of the plugins come with predefined presets which is nice but when doing “Assign all” I have them all on one footswitch.

A second problem is that presets also store the settings. I always have to keep that in mind when I change parameters which “global” for this board and not for a special preset. In this case have to do the change multiple times for each preset.

Therefore the presets are useless for this kind of use cases.

The switchbox would also be a possible solution, but it provides only two states. And as i mentioned I look for at least 4 states.

The usabillity topic described could be reduced if there would be kind of an overview of the control mappings. E. g. something like a table view or similar.


By the way. How does that quotation thing inside the reply work?


Some time ago, I had the idea of creating a dedicated plugin that registers as a new virtual midi controller with a number of channels (via the jack API), and able to route/duplicate an incoming CC message to some of these channels. It could also be able to pick up events coming from any other midi plugin through regular midi input and to send them via a regular output.

I started working on it but very quickly got sidetracked by other stuff.

really, we need…

A) the ability to freely assign multiple parameters to any encoder (onboard knob/switch, or MIDI CC)

B) an assignment browser and editor - so we can see, assign, and edit controllers without having to rummage through all the individual plugin parameter windows.


TBH I think thats the primary use case of the presets (is there another?). I think those pain points should be addressed, so that presets can be used more powerfully, then we wouldn’t really need these other things. Whichever route that would be less work really.

you can just highlight their comment in the thread and a “Quote” button appears which just copies into the editor. There’s also a " button at the top of the editor box and finally you could just type out “[quote=“personquoting”] text you want to quote [/quote]”

Well encoders/CCs are different, but for footswitches, presets can cover it, so it depends on what you are trying to do whether we really “need” it.

this is contingent on A), for most guitarists I think just a better way to manage which presets get mapped to a footswitch (rather than just an “assign all”) would suffice. IIRC you’re playing sax so you have a bit different use case.

For sure that would be nice, but I think that better presets will be less work and therefore should be our first target. :slight_smile: I wish the MOD team had more devs (or that somehow I got enough money that I didn’t need to work any more so I could just do it myself) ;).


mod dwarf user here, mostly focused on guitar!
As for me this is a must-have feature, I wanted to describe a simple workaround I found.

First, I explain why the proposed solutions don’t work for me:

  1. switchboxes: It’s very limited in terms of things that you can activate/deactivate simultaneously. I couldn’t for example bypass a pre-amp and two post-amp effect simultaneously.
  2. Snapshots: Are OK for offline rehearsal, but to play live you may want to jump from one sound to the other without iterating (and listening) through the snapshots in between (maybe this could be easily done with an external midi controller?). Also, I find annoying that if you want to modify a parameter jointly for all the snapshots, you have to save them one by one.

My solution consists of two plugins:
Control to CV (control = 5V) → CV attenuator booster (multiplier = -1)
You can map the CV attenuator booster bypass button to a foot switch, so that it outputs a binary control signal (-5/+5v). After this, you have to activate the checkbox at the output of the CV attenuator booster and give it a name. Finally, on each effect that you want to control, you can “assign to” CV and select the name of your control signal.

I understand that it’s difficult to track everything being controlled, but in my case I use it mostly for bypassing guitar effects and the on/off led helps me with that.

Also, as the last answer has more than 3 years, I assume that there should be a better way of doing this now. Hope this helps, but also let me know if there are better ways to do this :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for sharing your workaround.

Little input on this:

Yes. With a MIDI controller, you can jump instantaneously from snapshot 1 to 10 and then to 6 if you want. I use this myself quite a lot.

On this, I can feel you as well. Hopefully, some improvements with pedalboard blocks that should come soon(ish) will be helpful for this.

I am trying to switch two stereo switch-blocks at the same time from a single pedal control. The idea is I have a looper and I want to be able to switch it to record/playback from the start of the audio chain or the end of the audio chain based on a pedal switch state.

I.e. Record the guitar on input and play back through the audio chain (and so I can fiddle with controls without playing to try different sounds) OR the normal use case and simply record the output audio chain and play back to output for normal looping backing tracks.

Having this feature would be really useful for this. However another way it could be possible that is more in line with what already exists is to use a CV port somehow.

The issue is I cant assign a CV to select between the different Switchbox channels OR presets. They are only assignable to knobs, MIDI or control chain. I would love some kind of primitive to make a CV look like a knob on the device!


I got a bit confused about your request or what you are trying to achieve.
If I’m correct in my interpretation you want something like a CV macro. For that, please take a look here.
Let me know if is that what you are searching for.

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@jon - The problem is that CV isn’t always an option in the assignment screen. This is the case for some of the switchboxes among other things.

This screenshot is from the sandbox server just because I don’t have time to boot up my Dwarf - but the CV option is not available on a ‘real device’ either. And yes, there are assignable CV ports enabled in this instance.

I ran into this issue at one point as well. I think it has to do with the fact that the switchbox treats the channel toggle as a list, but I never had time to really dive into the issue.


Indeed you are correct.
They are not a lot, but there are a few and the switchbox is one of them.
I can tell you that we are checking if it’s possible and doable to change that.


I want to add another use case where you need to assign one footswitch to turn on/off two different plugins. I’m using (and modifying) this pedal board:

to create a sustain/freeze effect. In order to stop the “sustained sound” I need to turn-off reverbs at the same time. Cutting-off the input or output is not enough because the reverb will be sustaining that previous sound until the signal goes does, so I can not control the length of sustain.

Would be a way to stop both reverbs at the same time?

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Yes. You can do that by using a CV macro technique. Check out this tutorial


Great! Thanks!