Looperlative - LP3 Basic

Good evening everyone, i am trying to get used to the LP3 Basic looper but i am having issues with midi sync. The generated loop is in time but it is not seemless. If I record a loop with a constant tone ringing the playback always has a short break. For my usecase that is a no go.

I have connect a drum compter (Digitech S-Drum) via trs cable, set sync to “midi sync”. Is the looper not capable of doing seemless loops at all or is it related to the midi sync? Any hints on how to fix this?

Hi! Afaik I know there had been reports of issues of instabilities and jitter with the mod internal clock. A work around is to feed your mod an external clock. Then use the “midi in” connection in the GUI to connect it directly to LP3 and choose “midi sync” inside the plugin. This worked for me.


Thanks. I had it configured like that, i think. I had set Mod Dwarf to Midi Sync and LP3 to external clock and midi sync. Tried it again today and had better results. While the loop was still not seemless, the break was much shorter today. I´ll have to check if this remains stable and if i can live with the short break.


Hey everyone, can LP3 resync when I change the tempo of my external midi clock?

I was hoping it could, but it seems it doesnt do any timestretching / pitch ajdusment…

Ok I checked every setting inside out, and I would conclude: No, LP3 doesn’t follow tempo changes. However even if you drastically change the tempo and then put it back to the old tempo, loops will slowly drift back into sync, which is really impressive.

I have another question however, hence the double post:

I wanna stack 3 Lp3. I would like to have the status of all 3 units displayed on my mod dwarf at the same time. Is there any possibily to do this?
There are only two buttons w LED unfortunately. But I wonder if the status of a loop could also be display on the display, by mapping it to a knob?

I don’t currently have the loop status displayed on a knob. If you have a computer connected via USB or bluetooth to the Dwarf, there is a Java-based application for the LP1 that displays the status of all the loops. While it doesn’t control the LP3 plugin, it will display the status.


I should also add that the LP3 does not stretch the loop if you change tempo. It is designed to maintain sync based on the tempo it was recorded at.

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Thanks for your answer!

This is what I have been trying to do on my dwarf, however the knob wouldnt display loop status. Can you share in detail how this woild work? And is this confirmed to work on dwarf?

thx for the tip, but I wanna go computerless

Ok this is what I thought. Is this the same on your hardware units?

Yes, they don’t automatically stretch. There is a function to stretch loops on the hardware devices, but it isn’t tied to the MIDI clock.

Hey, I’m playing more with this and experiencing odd behaviour:

  1. I mapped the Loop function to a FS on my dwarf. The Display shows play when overdubbing and vice versa. So it is displaying the exact oposite state. Or is this meant to show what happens when you press the button? Feels very confusing to me.

  2. Even when overdub is off, the feedback parameter is active. Is this intended? Coming from other loopers i expect this to only do something with overdub engaged.
    I love to keep layering/replacing with feedback between 0 and 0.5 and then switch to play once I wanna freeze a loop. I can’t really use this technique in the current state.

  1. The display shows what the button will do and not the current status.
  2. Feedback is feedback. Overdub is overdub. Each does its job independently of the other. What you want is controlled ducking. Interesting concept but it is different than the feedback control.

Ok I get the Idea, still confusing, cause in this case I’d rather want the display to show me the current state.

The Ableton looper and some other loopers operate like I described it: The Feedback is only working when overdub is engaged.
I guess when you see a looper as a digital delay line, then it makes sense to have the feedback always working.

For me this boils down to: If I could somehow get the individual loop states as midi information, I could just patch my own workaround.

Would it be possible to get the loop states somehow from the control chain output?

I’ve always seen that as the function of the replace feature in my loopers although I’ve never allowed the partial decrease of the previous loop, it is something that could be considered.

It allows for quite practical use cases, the one that I described.
Also the TC Helicon loopers in their voice boxes operate that way. They have the Feedback set to 98% in the default setting. That way with each overdub the older layers gets turned down just a little bit, preventing the layered loop from clipping / becoming too loud. This wouldnt work if the Feedback was working all the time.

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Hey I have some more observations:

  1. It would be very useful If there was the option to get midi start / stop messages out of lp3.
    I like to use the first loop to create a master tempo. If you wanna sync up drum machines and sequences and such with the first loop, you would wanna have a midi start message, after the loop goes from rec to play state.

  2. I usually work in a BPM range from 80-150bpm. Sometimes when creating longer first loops I end up with very slow tempos, such as 60bpm. It would be great to have the option to half/double the created tempo. Also setting a BPM range would be a great feature.


This week, as I started to play more - I am bumping into the same issue at least every day.
LP3 stops suddenly stops responding to controls, at least “LOOP” button.

It is assigned to midi CC signal, and I see button presses in WebUI when I send the CC signal, but LP3 does not start record, basically does nothing. Clicking in WebUI by mouse does the same (nothing).
I’ve tried:

  • Erasing
  • Switching between host sync and self sync
  • Turning plugin on and off
  • Clicking other controls of LP3 at random.

Only thing that really helps is reopening pedalboard or removing LP3 and adding it back.

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I’ve had this happen a couple times. I always chalk it up to beta plugin interaction or something, have to unplug and plug the unit back in. One of the quirks…

Does your CC have a different value for button up and button down?

I’m not seeing this lock up myself and use the Dwarf most every day. So, perhaps you can tell me how you use it and if there is any specific press or sequence that always leads to a lock up.

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@ignis32 @oeSmash The problem you are having is that the plugin is crashing. I finally got it to crash here and seems to be related to reverse. I’m making a change that fixes the problem that I encountered and also does some additional sanity checking in the code to avoid doing bad things if there is another bug somewhere. I’m hoping this will fix your issue.