Looperlative - LP3 Basic

Good evening everyone, i am trying to get used to the LP3 Basic looper but i am having issues with midi sync. The generated loop is in time but it is not seemless. If I record a loop with a constant tone ringing the playback always has a short break. For my usecase that is a no go.

I have connect a drum compter (Digitech S-Drum) via trs cable, set sync to “midi sync”. Is the looper not capable of doing seemless loops at all or is it related to the midi sync? Any hints on how to fix this?

Hi! Afaik I know there had been reports of issues of instabilities and jitter with the mod internal clock. A work around is to feed your mod an external clock. Then use the “midi in” connection in the GUI to connect it directly to LP3 and choose “midi sync” inside the plugin. This worked for me.


Thanks. I had it configured like that, i think. I had set Mod Dwarf to Midi Sync and LP3 to external clock and midi sync. Tried it again today and had better results. While the loop was still not seemless, the break was much shorter today. I´ll have to check if this remains stable and if i can live with the short break.


Hey everyone, can LP3 resync when I change the tempo of my external midi clock?

I was hoping it could, but it seems it doesnt do any timestretching / pitch ajdusment…

Ok I checked every setting inside out, and I would conclude: No, LP3 doesn’t follow tempo changes. However even if you drastically change the tempo and then put it back to the old tempo, loops will slowly drift back into sync, which is really impressive.

I have another question however, hence the double post:

I wanna stack 3 Lp3. I would like to have the status of all 3 units displayed on my mod dwarf at the same time. Is there any possibily to do this?
There are only two buttons w LED unfortunately. But I wonder if the status of a loop could also be display on the display, by mapping it to a knob?