Looperlative - LP3 Basic

I see the LP3 Basic is in available in Beta. Do the Kickstarter backers get that version added via a manual request to @falkTX ?

Would be really nice to have some sort of automated post in the forum when new plugins are added.

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Dear MOD Community,

We are happy and proud to release the Looperlative LP3 Basic today, a milestone addition to the MOD plugin portfolio.

Looperlative is a company from California that specialises in hardware loopers. Their LP1 is arguably the most advanced and capable hardware looper in the musical instrument market. The LP3 Basic is based on their hardware loopers and is Looperlative’s first plugin from a suite of loopers that will be available on the MOD platform.

The Looperlative LP3 Basic is a stereo audio looper with a deep featureset. It has 2 independent tracks with 2 parts per track and can do infinite overdubs with undo/redo limited only by available storage. There are extensive syncing options, including syncing to a MIDI clock, syncing to the host tempo, and running in asynchronous mode. It is also capable of storing and recalling track audio. To top it off, there are two multifunctional parameters (LOOP and TRACK/PART) that allow you to control the most important actions of the plugin with just two footswitch assignments.

The plugin is available from now on in the plugin store, temporarily for the Dwarf only (see below). Kickstarter backers will get their stretch goal licenses today.

This project has been really a joint development. The controller feedback introduced to the Dwarf in MOD OS 1.11 is the foundation for the awesome live looping user interaction on the hardware with the LP3. We had a longer beta phase with the OS update, as changes of the plugin API required back and forth testing and changes both on OS and on the plugin side. With MOD OS 1.12, the controller feedback will also become available to the MOD Duo X.

The looper engine was already very mature thanks to the long term experience of Looperlative. It has also seen extensive testing on the MOD platform, including the controller feedback. However honestly, the web UI has been added lately. Please apologize if there might be minor issues left, they will be ironed out soon.

As the UI of the LP3 is also quite complex, we are curious to understand how it works for you in practice. Please post your feedback in this thread. This will help to make the LP3 Basic more accessible, as well as designing siblings upcoming in 2022.

Props to everyone involved! Virtually the whole MOD team has been contributing to make this release happen. A special thanks to @looperlative and @falkTX who spent the bigger part of last night on the final touches.

As expected, projects like this take longer than expected… But we did not want to give up the chance to release before the holidays season, so you can enjoy the LP3 during your time off.

Next week we are taking a break. I wish you all happy holidays and look forward to 2022!


Can’t wait to install this!


Just checked it out - pretty awesome :clap:t2: strong text


is this only showing up for the Dwarf? I can’t find it in the plugin store via my DuoX at all. Have updated the firmware, made sure that beta plugins are on etc. No sign of it :frowning:


It is only for the dwarf for now, yes

thankfully I just found the TTAP and that should keep me busy for a while.


What?! TTAP is out too?


yup! Just bought it! Endless glitchy delay fun to be had! There are already three instances of it on my main board after an hour :joy:


I can’t wait!


please note that TTAP is still in beta.
the modgui needs some finishing touches and the author wants to revise some internals of the plugin.


…still worth €19 as it stands, with a couple of controls I don’t understand at all :joy: Just recorded my first thing with it… and I thought I was done with recording for the year!


Dwarf only? Is this a third party choice?
Ugh, not keen on that direction - splitting the library instead of growing a single repository.
Unless I’m missing something here.

This is great, it’s going to take me a bit to figure out how I want to map it and get the parts/tracks sorted in my brain-- a lot more flexibility/complexity than I’m used to, is there any existing documentation about this, especially about the multi-function buttons?


This is a plugin that wants deep integration with the hardware as a target, so one requirement from the author was to be able to control things on the device side (plugin reports current state that way).
This is the so called “HMI Widgets” introduced in v1.11, and why you cannot install looperlative unless you have updated to that first.

For v1.12 we plan to bring this feature to the Duo X, so in theory it should be supported on the Duo X by then as well.

But another reason was simply resources. We “finished” the last few details on December 24th, already on time that was supposed to be dedicated for holidays.
We saw a couple of small quirks that need fixing, but we will deal with them later on.

We really wanted to push looperlative as a plugin on the platform before the holidays, hopefully that is appreciated.

PS: the library is already split, the “hardware bypass” plugin is not available on the dwarf, only on duo and duox. the dwarf does not have such feature in the actual hardware


Looking forward to trying this out in the future - when it becomes available for the duoX or when I get my dwarf - whichever comes first!

Thanks to all involved!

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Is there a rough timeline of when 1.12 might happen (acknowledging that 1.11 has only just dropped :joy:)?

Just so I know whether to set my LP1 back up again on wait till I can use the LP3 plug in :slightly_smiling_face:


Regarding the documentation and how to use the multifunction buttons. There will be documentation in the form of a pdf manual which is not ready yet. I imagine we will also make a video explaining how to use it. For now perhaps we could share the behaviour diagrams we used in the specification @jesse ? Just to give people the idea while better documentation is being made


I also have a great deal of concern around the apparent “we’re focusing on development for Dwarf” trend I am seeing. :frowning:

There seems to be a willingness to push major features and offerings that don’t work across the whole platform. As a technology person… this belies some internal choices that are very, very concerning.

I agree.
But I don’t want to make too much of the issue. If features like hardware bypass are not across both units, I think that’s understandable, as they are physically different units. Also, there is no way to control third party development.

Having said all that, my Mod Duo X has been sitting on the shelf for 6+ months, because my purposes require tight midi-sync and delay time calculations. These kinds of bugs of course take time to correct, so I am patiently waiting, while the Duo collects dust.

I am referring to these kinds of things.