Looperlative - LP3 Basic

You should be able to do this through the feedback controls.


It starts on the press of the record button and ends on a multiple of the bar length. So, if you press play or record to end the loop, it will extend the loop to be a multiple of the bar time.


Thanks a lot, I’ll try that.

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BTW, I’ve tried it with MIDI sync. MOD made special provisions in the host and MIDI clock is delivered directly from the MIDI port to the LP3. There isn’t any requirement to draw a connection on the UI. I tested this yesterday and all was as it should be.


There was a bug in host sync. I pushed a fix to that. It works similar to MIDI sync. Recording begins when you press the button. Recording continues until you press the button again. Track length is extended to be a multiple of the bar length. While playing, the loop is kept in the same relative position as the host timing.

BTW, an updated manual was pushed as well.


Thanks @looperlative, @falkTX and the rest of the team for this plugin! I’m enjoying it a lot.

Later I’ll play with the host sync :wink:

As a minor note, using the load track in the configurable trigger always select slot nr. 1 with any selected slot. This is not the expected function, right?


I’ll take a look at it.

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I’ll give that a go, I’m just used to all my previous loopers automatically fading loops unless I double tap. I’ll figure it out somehow. Being new to midi, I’m simply excited that I figured out how to get the softstep to talk to the Dwarf!


I might be posting this in the wrong place, but I can’t get my SoftStep 2 to behave with the functions of the multi-function “Loop” button, as explained in the .pdf. When I hit the toggle button I’ve assigned to “Loop”, it lights up, recording starts. However, when I hit it again, instead of stopping the recording and changing to playing/overdubbing as expected, the “active” light on the softstep goes off, but I have to activate it a second time for the proper function of the Looperlative to kick in. The same thing was happening with one of the dwarf footswitches, but I removed and then replaced the looperlative on the board, and the dwarf footswitch now works, but the softstep doesn’t. Anyone have any ideas? @stevengbass Have you had this problem with your softstep at all?


Hi to everyone! I’m brandnew owner of the Dwarf and I do quite a lot stuff with live looping using my good old Boomerang III since few years now. Therefore, one of the first things I purchased was the Looperlative Plugin.

I like the concept (it differs a bit from my boomerang, but I get along quite well) and it works well in async and self snyc mode, but I face troubles with host sync and midi sync mode with an external midi clock: for example recorded loops show strange repeating beaviour at the beginning of an bar, sometimes the whole loop is repeated after the first bar, sometimes only some notes at the very beginning, etc.

I really tried a lot of variations of inputs (guitar, midi keyboard, sequencer) and midi clock sources (ableton link and a “normal” external midi clock from my pedalboard sent from my boomerang midi through jack) but these problems always appear. The dwarf reacts without problems with the external clock, I can set up sequencer, metronome, ALO looper etc and they work very well. Only the Looperlative behaves strange. Anyone having these issues as well?

I also noticed some digital noise crackling when undoing parts or overdubbing, without having high cpu or ram usage (both at ~30%).

Also nice would be some sort of integration of a hearable click, with the “one” having a different tone than 2,3 and 4. There are workarounds with other plugins, I know, but it would be comfortable.

These are my experiences til now!


I’ve had similar issues. Right now I’m chalking it up to not knowing what the hell I’m doing.

Sorry for my late feedback @stevengbass and @Florialdo.
I reported this and we are testing it. Let’s see if we can reproduce it.

P.S.: Welcome on board @Florialdo :slight_smile: please share with us some of your pedalboards :wink:


To cycle back to your original request, we have added 2 new subcategories specifically for topics posted by developers to announce their new plugins

And we have added 2 topics in the Plugins category that will act as a news feed for new plugin announcements, linking to the devoploper posts in the above categories

I just wanted to let you know that we aknowledged your suggestion and hope that this makes things a bit more organised and easier to navigate for everyone


HI, did you find if it is something related to the plugin???


Is it already working on mod x?


Thanks for the update!

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I am testing LP3 on Mod X - it seems vol of loop does not work properly. It fades volume to almost zero when it reaches 50%. In my opinion it should work linear, not logarythmically.


besides that LP3 is a really great tool! Reverse option makes loops sound sooo good. Thanks Looperlative!

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The Mod X is made by Yamaha, they don’t use our plugins :sweat_smile: :wink:

The reverse and 0.5x are so fun! would love to hear what you have been making with it