Looperlative - LP3 Basic

Thanks for bringing LP3 to the Mod Duo X, wonderful!

On Duo X it is possible to record directly with half-speed active,
so you can get an “octave up” on play.
I like that a lot…

Can’t seem to get that on the Dwarf, though…?


I believe the features should be the same…But I may be wrong


Yes I confirm, I did not succeed trying the half-speed record with the Dwarf (one of the reasons why I did the Mirrorz plugin)


Really enjoying the LP3 on the Dwarf. I still have yet to figure out how to have the loops fade after pressing stop rather than just immediately stopping. I’d like to press stop once and have the loop fade as it ends and if I wanted the option to stop it immediately use a douple tap. Am I missing something? Or is just not an option with the LP3?


You might be able to achieve that with CV controls acting on the volume of the loop?


Thank you for this great plugin finally on MDX! Love the led colours providing useful info. Maybe I did not investigate this well enough, but it seems a great addition would be that the pulsing lights could follow global or incoming midi BPM? Especially in "host sync"or “midi sync” It’s a bit unmusical to have to relate to different time indicators. Would this be possible to implement?


@stevengbass and @Imaginus I mapped your requests for us to check if that would be doable.
@stevengbass, @Saki_Ciselas may be a nice workaround.
@Saki_Ciselas thanks for the help :slight_smile:


Ha! I hadn’t updated the LP3 since the last time and now I have volume controls as well! Perused the wiki and I’ve yet to figure out how to have CV fade the volume rather than just revert to 0. Almost there!

Thanks for the suggestion!


Hi. I’ve bought LP3 plugin recently, hoping to use looping while keeping weight of the gear as light as possible
(I am kind of in a nomad state currently, and had to leave my boss rc-300 looper and all my gear except for mod duo x, and cannot afford adding to the setup anything more heavy than a small korg-nano-key-sized midi pedalboard. )

My plan was to control LP3 with a midi CC signals, however I’ve found that LP3 does not react to them.

  • I am perfectly able to “learn” and assign midi CC signals to buttons - Rec/Dub, Play/Stop, Undo, Redo, Erase.

  • I see these CC signals in the MIDI display plugin when sending them to the Mod Duo X via USB connection.

  • I even see in the web interface that LP3 shiny metal UI buttons are visually pressed when I send corresponding CC signals - both when viewing the whole pedalboard and when I am inside LP3 configuration view.

  • But aside from that - nothing happens: Rec does not record, Undo does not undo, etc.

  • Meanwhile, if I click with a mouse on the same button in the web interface (that visually reacts to CC signals doing nothing ) - LP3 starts doing what is intended.


  • I’ve also tried sending CC signals with different values - like 0, 127 - with no luck.
  • For some reason “On/off” and “Track” buttons work well.
  • My device is Mod Duo X


Next day CC commands started working correctly with LP3, probably after turning off device for a night. When issue was reproducing, I had tried recreating pedalboard from the scratch, but I do not recall rebooting device. Probably it is a glitch of some sort, I will report if will bump into it once more.


I wouldn’t mind ‘upgrading’ to the Looperlative plugin - especially because the perpetual beta status of ALO is slightly concerning

ALO is still in beta because MOD didn’t promote it to the main store. I’ve chased a few times, with no result.


We have considered it quite a few times, where a few minor details would need to be sorted out.
@jesse needs more details.
it is no conspiracy-like thing at all, mainly just lack of time / priority between other tasks.


the surest sign of a consipiracy!!!111eleven :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m sure it’s not a conspiracy. Just wanted to be clear that I’ve done what I can from my end


Hi, is there a way to stop the dry audio after recording a loop? I want the loop to exchange the original seamlessly. Like dry / wet. After Record it is put to 100% wet.

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Something to control with a footswitch in the settings maybe ?:
Capture d’écran 2022-06-12 à 15.26.20

Or simply Wet Only ?


Three settings After Recording:

  1. 100% wet / only looper output
  2. 100% dry / looper output not audible
  3. no changes to wet/dry

The Idea is such: I have an external track playing i like. I feed some bars of the track to the looper which takes over seamlessly (settings 1). While the looper outputs, I can make changes to my track like start a different pattern. Then I blend over from the looper to the new pattern.
The next time the looper is engaged it records a new loop (buffer is cleared).

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I haven’t had any luck using the LP3 to set the host clock tempo. I can send the LP3 clock out via midi ports but I would like to use LP3 as a master clock to set tempo for the whole unit. Has anyone made this work?


Do you mean set it as “Self Sync” and send that out to other plugins?

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@jon yes, that is what I mean. I would like the host tempo at the bottom left of the GUI to represent this tempo as well.


It may not work as you need it to work, but please try the following workaround:

  1. Click MIDI PORTS
  2. Check the box for “Enable Virtual MIDI Loopback”
  3. Connect LP3 MIDI out to loopback port
  4. Open the tempo and transport menu
  5. Set SYNC MODE to MIDI
  6. Create the initial loop on the LP3, the host tempo should get set upon finishing the initial recording
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