Hi! Come Introduce Yourself!

Hiya, @jpk_dk

Yeah, I tried that more than once! All sorted now, though, I think!
Cheers, mate and thanks!


Hiya, @SamIAm

It seems the Dwarf had be reconfigured for Windows use, so that all sorted now. I’ve just gotta get my head around using it now :crazy_face: :rofl:

Thanks, mate!


Cheers, @Techno. All sorted now. Although I’m sure I’ll find other issues to deal with, ha!

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My name is Kevin. I’m a guitar player (and linux user). I recently installed the MOD Desktop App on my computer, and I must say that it is by far the best guitar software I’ve seen on linux. I’ve used Guitarix in the past, and even though it has recently become excellent compared to what it was 8 or 9 years ago, I much prefer what you’ve done with the MOD software. I have some paid stuff (Tonelib GFX, and Audio Assault’s Amp Locker), but I actually like your software much better. The user interface is incredible! Just like a real pedalboard. Herman Brummer and the rest of the developers are just geniuses!

I also dabble in playing keyboards, so I’m quite pleased to see that plugins for synths are included.

I have couple of questions if I may:

I was looking at Patchstorage, and found some plugins there that are awesome, but I can’t get the Guitarix plugins to load. It says “Error loading effect”. The “stock” Guitarix plugins will load, but they don’t have a GUI; you have to access the controls in “settings”. When I Googled the error message, I went down the “how to build a plugin” rabbit hole (I’m not really a programmer; I’ve written a few python scripts for micro-controllers and bash scripts) with the thought that I might try to figure some of this out. I sort of understand most if the build process (conceptually), but can’t find anything that explains what ```
is. Is this just an LV2 plugin that hasn’t gone through the MOD build process that tacks on a GUI and stuff? If so, I might give a go at trying to “MOD”-ify some plugins to see if they can run on the MOD ecosystem when I get a little spare time…

At any rate, great job, guys and gals! Love your work.

Looking forward to being a long time MOD fan!