Freezer - freeze your tone forever

I’ll move my EHX freeze pedal to a shelve waiting for a buyer thanks to this plugin !
Amazing work @Jacube, it took me some time to test, and I’ve nothing to comment since I’ve not found any problem.
(I’ve never use a superEgo, so I’ll have a learning curve to climb though)


Thanks @Jacube, I have installed this on my Dwarf, tried it out with a bass guitar and I think it is really cool. I have not encountered any problems so far, and look forward to experimenting more with it.

Great work, thanks very much.


This is a very very cool plugin in every way! From design to functionality, everything is fine in it (separately, I was pleased with the ability to adjust the speed). Thanks from the bottom of my heart to the developer! This type of effect has become almost mandatory for me. I owned an EHX Freeze pedal first, then bought a SuperEgo. And the reason for this was the presence of AUTO mode - in my opinion, this is the most convenient function in this pedal (along with glide) - since you do not have to constantly press the button when changing chords. In a Dwarf, the similarity of this feature can only be realized using a CV module, and this is not very convenient. Since the purchase of the Dwarf, I hope for the appearance of such an opportunity inside a single freeze plugin.
If This wonderful plugin also had such a feature (auto), it would be just incredibly cool.
Thanks again so much for such a good product and I wish all the best to the developer!


Bit of a silly question but can I rename the plugin so I get to have both versions on my dwarf? Sort of Freezer and Freezer Plus.

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Can you elaborate some more on “auto” mode?

What it is supposed to do? How do you think it can be simulated via CV?

Here is an example of how Auto mode works in SuperEgo (just watch the very beginning of the video). You take a chord, activate the pedal, the first chord freezes, then you take the second chord (or note), a trigger is activated by the volume, the pedal itself kinda “presses the switch” and freezes the second chord, releasing the first frozen one. They smoothly flow into each other (and not just by a fade, but a so-called gliss, with elements of pitching).

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Here is my attempt to achieve similar (auto) behavior of freeze. I use another plugin here (Mr Freeze) because i guess not everybody have locally installed Freezer right now. But CV scenario is the same and can be used with any plugin. You strum, freeze activates by CV (momentary). Strum again - it freezes another portion of sound, releasing first one.


@Austin73 it’s not that easy, you must change name in all files ttl, xml … and i dont know if that will really works. But whats the point of that?

@V_P yes i know these features, i have EHX SuperEgo+ and auto mode i think it is possible to implement, but i don’t know when.


I know what you mean. I m just a hoarder I think :thinking::joy: just trying to squeeze what little CPU I have left. Will just use the updated one. Cheers for getting back, appreciate that.

Now how about some synths next? :wink:

Hi there,

I’ve installed the newest ver of Freez but I do not see an option of layers:

It lloks like that:

Any thoughts?

And it seems it does not work, when I switch to latch there is no audio (with dry and wet maxed), in momentary the audio pases through but the effect still does nothing.

@Lukasz Hi, interesting maybe you can try delete old version, reboot, upload new one, reboot then i hope it will work.

i find little bug in momentary mode, and there is fixed version.


It works now!! This is SOOO good! Thank you!
Latch mode works as a charm, I must say freezed audio sounds better than in my Plus Pedal, anybody wants to buy Pedal Plus?? :smiley:


is there a chance to get Freezer for DUO X?

I own only Dwarf, but if you will be able to build it for me on DUO X i can send you PD file and some instruction.

Where do you live? Maybe I could send you my DuoX unit? I am affraid I am too stupid to do programing…

@Lukasz I am from Czech Republic, but sending unit its not good idea. Trust me it’s really easy it’s only clicking with mouse. All I want from you are these simple steps.

  • connect DUO X to usb
  • go to these page
  • click on pure data
  • on next page select PD file, fill a name and select category
  • then click on build and after build click on upload

that’s it, I’ll send you a message with the PD file after work.


I am from Poland, so quite close :slight_smile:
Ok, I will take some sedative pils and try to do it…

If someone with DUOX want test it Freezer, there is version for download, say thank to @Lukasz.


no no, say THANK YOU to Jacube! He is doing amazing work.

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