Freezer - freeze your tone forever

Merry Christmas to all, and here is my new plugin Freezer, it sample and hold notes or chords with infinite sustain.
Freeze tone is not perfect i still working on it and the pedal not bug free, but i thing its ready for testing and its really fun.

  • attack control attack of freeze tone
  • decay control decay of freeze tone
  • wet and dry i hope you know that knobs
  • moment mode freeze tone when you hold freeze footswitch, when you release it freeze tone fade out.
  • latch mode freeze tone when you tap to the freeze footswitch and hold it to the next tap, when you hold freeze footswitch then freeze tone fade out.

build for Dwarf


Cannot try as soon as it seems to be dwarf-only build, but that ice on UI is exceptionaly cool


Holy Crimbo Jacube that’s another amazing plugin to try out. I’m a bit mince pied out but will try it tomorrow.

Can’t thank you enough for all the plugins you are throwing our way.


Hi Jacube, Merry Christmas and thanks a lot for this wonderful plugin. What a gift, great sound, no harmonic artifacts with short intervals. Bravo.

In fact I was just working on a similar one, but … you did the job !.
My idee was to mimic the Plus/Gamechanger pedal which allow to layer sounds. Adding a Volume plugin sending back part of the output to the input (only wet signal) does something similar with your plugin (Decay at ~3 O’clock / momentary mode). Maybe you could add directly this feature in your plugin ?

P.S. Just a remark, the Attack parameter doesn’t seem to change the ramp up time betwween 0 and 300, it’s always ~300 (but maybe you need this time to load the buffer ?)


Thanks, and i happy you like it. Yeah layers is in my feature list. I own Superego plus it has much possibility, like Gliss, it is glide from one freeze tone to another, i dont know if i be able to mimic this, but i want to try :slightly_smiling_face:.

And about attack you have true, now i use 1s sample size with fade in and fade out, this is why some attack always be presents. This is how sample look like.


How do you install the Freezer in a Mod Dwarf?

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Hi @BklynGeno, depends on your OS, for Win i wrote guide how to copy plugin to Dwarf, you can find it under OR plugin thread.

after that you must reboot Dwarf

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Thanks but I’m using a Mac, is there anyway to install using a Mac?

On a Mac, open terminal,

scp -rp <path to hvcc-Freezer.lv2 folder> root@
  • Enter password “mod”
  • Reboot Mod

This is really cool! I created an own solution with three CV-plugins to turn the knob of a reverb to endless decay. The “turning” fades the reverb in and out, this is the reason for that. This works, as far as I know, only with the Rakarrak reverb because this has endless trails. A plugin that replaces this workaround is really welcome! I will test this asap.


Hello everybody,
is anybody knows how to install it on the dwarf with Linux Os?

work on mod duo??
how to instal on mac os?

The current build is only for the MOD Dwarf.

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same command as here should do the trick

if you made it for dwarf, can you made it for mod duo?

Ask the one that has the source code :slight_smile:

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who is it?

Scroll up.

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@Gabry_Stick it’s builded only for the Dwarf, because i have it, i don’t have knowledge to how to build it for other units, sorry

Maybe it’s time to think about intergration with plugin store?