Dwarf production updates wanted:)

No problem, take your time. You all do an exceedingly good job in those troubled times. I am very grateful for that. Thank you.


wow, great. It would be also good to fulfill extra plugins which were promised for tier 2 users. FOr now I have not received them (almost month about receiving Dwarf device)

There will be a communication about this later, the team is still checking what would be the best way to do this but as far as I know, they’ll do it all at once as soon as thy round up Tier 2.


We are aware of that.

As I wrote here to @LievenDV

we are just trying to finish tier 2 to process it. The process is still manual and impossible to do one by one.

The bright side for you on this (and not so bright for other backers unfortunately) is that you actually received the device 1 month before a few backers in the same tier than you. What also shows how hard for us is to give you accurate estimations and also ship all the devices in one tier at once (or even in one week or two…it’s basically impossible).

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ok, no problem. I only wanted to know if all is according to the plan. And happy to hear about coupon code :+1:


For those of you tier 3 backers who are eager to discuss details about the unique device you will be getting, head over to this topic Dwarf - Crowdunding Tier 3 - "? Edition" and let me know your thoughts about what it should be called


HI guys - apologies if this has been asked already, but I received my tier 2 Dwarf last week but didn’t get anything with respect to the plugin credit / voucher. Is that coming later?

Hi Stirhouse,
Indeed, it has already been asked and answered. Try CTRL+F, type “plugin” and read the last posts.

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no need to CTRL+F, justscroll up for about 4 posts. :wink:
Summary: when Tier 2 is finished, they will find a way to communicate to the complete Tier 2 batch about that.


Thanks @LievenDV and @funkypou.

@Stirhouse, indeed we are trying to finish all the shipments so we process everything in bulk.

I’m wondering what the current status of tier 2 shipments is? A month ago you had announced that you had “fulfilled the majority of tier 2”, how long do you anticipate before they are all shipped?

We fulfilled more a bunch. Although things slowed down to to a problem with our registration system with a bunch of devices. Right now we are expecting more devices to start coming from the factory in 2/3 weeks.


I appreciate the update however, you avoided answering the question. How long do you anticipate before all of tier 2 has been shipped?

I didn’t avoid at all. That answer is on this thread multiple times.
It is simply impossible to give you a straight answer on that and anything that I or anyone says will be merely speculation - we were also not expecting these issues with the registration of some devices, but we had them.
As I tried to say, if enough devices are popping out the factory in 2/3 weeks, we probably manage to finish the fulfilment of tier 2 in 4 weeks. But again, at this point, without having the devices in the “ready to fulfil” shelves - so after being fully produced, shipped to us and passing fully our QC process one-by-one - we are just speculating by saying such things.


And are the missing parts also reason that you do not answer to my PM ?

Not really. I was forced to work from home on the last couple of weeks so I have your message opened waiting for more info from the office to give you an useful answer.

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Thanks for quick reply

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I finally got my Dwarf! I’m super excited, the packaging is awesome, the dwarf itself seems awesome and I’ve yet to see 99.9% of its true potential. I think it’s a better musician than me :sweat_smile:.

Now, let’s start my journey with a really dumb question: How do I turn it off?? Do I just disconnect it? That doesn’t feel safe to do :sweat_smile:


Yeah, just unplug it.

You can always throw on an in-line switch for convenience


Thanks for the nice words :slight_smile:

It is safe, don’t worry :slight_smile: If it was not it would have a switch :wink: