Dwarf production updates wanted:)

Hi there hard workers,
I guess can speak for all the future Dwarf owners when I ask for small informal updates on the production of the units. In text or imagery, what’s the planning, the work ethics, the blisters on the crew’s fingers, are some units finished yet, the basics:))
Not to rush or negative vibes, just uncontrollable curiosity and eagerness to know how it’s going and to keep our spirits up.


Blisters are fine, as long as we don’t get any literal blood/sweat/tears on our precious Dwarfs!

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Hi @Robert,

Thanks already for your “pre understanding” :slight_smile: Happy also with your curiosity.
So we are making the final final tests on the first beta units and still today we expect to put them on their pretty boxes. We just schedule their pick up for tomorrow.

Hope that this is enough to feed your curiosity for now :slight_smile: Happy to answer to any other questions.


That’s such good news!!!

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Thanks a lot @jon on and MOD Team for the update!

Could you tell me, about writings on the Dwarf’s front panel, if they are engraved or just kind of decal or pencil drawings. On my old POD HD most of the writings were almost totally erased by just few rain drops on a live stage…

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I think you have already seen these images @Robert, but will link these for anyone who hasn’t

Hey @redcloud, I’m sure the front is laser engraved. Maybe someone could link a video I’ve seen hiding online of the actual engraving process running?

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You’re welcome :slight_smile:

The logos and writings on Dwarf’s front panel are engraved. It will be hard for them to get erased :wink:


:heart_eyes: love you all… to some extent


feel free to give me all the blood, sweat, and tears on mine; that way, it’ll be stage-ready on arrival! :wink:


And, have the first ones already started their journey? We’ re as impatient as little children :crazy_face: :innocent:.

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Here are some moments of my arrival at the office today:

1 - Snow and grey sky

2 - Tech room - 1st angle

3 - Tech room - 2nd angle

4 - Packed boxes piling up fo shipping :wink:

Since we’re in COVID times, nothing is 100% predictable… UPS will only come for the pickup on Monday.

But it is moving. Yay!!!


Fixed. Thanks for noticing.


And was today a nice pickup day:)

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Beta units, right?

@Cyril these are indeed beta units

@in5y372 I think @gianfranco post answered your question :stuck_out_tongue: the Dwarf will soon start ringing some peoples bells :slight_smile:


Greetings. Sorry if this has be asked, but here we go anyhow! Knowing my Indiegogo contributor #, is there any way to determine where on the overall list I may be? Is it 798 + my number? I’m just curious.


Unsure if there was a beta for Indiegogo, but they are just barely getting the Beta testers from the kickstarter items sent out. (No official word that any have been sent, but expectation that some should have started shipping on Monday) I believe all kickstarters need to be fulfilled prior to indiegogo, but once the beta units are in hands of users I am assuming the mass produced versions should be coming shortly after.

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yeeehaaaaaaa, just got mail:

feels really well made. will check it out deeply after work.


@Randalhicks you are indeed right. Soon you will probably receive an update. Indeed the first unit were already shipped. Your assumptions of priorities is also right. The only little mistake is about the mass production (it’s not even a mistake). The beta units are exactly the test production, so they will serve to test and understand if there’s anything that needs a fix and fix it for mass production. So the mass production will not start immediately when beta units are in the hands of users, but after these units allow the MOD team to be sure that everything is stable and ready to be mass produced