Dwarf as norns

Hi to everybody :slight_smile:

i’ll do the next question because , probably , im not getting about the total potencial of DWARF

Somebody here knows about Monome’s NORNS??

could i transform DWARF in a machine like NORNS that uses Lua script to be modified and configured to do what you need

Or to insert MaxMsp patches to create a glitch machine like a Microcosm’s Hologram machine

best !

The Dwarf is basically a Linux system on which you can run pretty much whatever you like as long as the CPU handles it.
I don’t know if Lua is installed on it by default (I doubt it), but if you can compile it yourself, I don’t see why it wouldn’t run. However you can use Python already.
I don’t know much about MaxMsp.

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Oh , genius !

thanks for that response , it really makes totally sense :raised_hands:t2:

Certainly, as I did for COZMIC inspired by Soma Labs Cosmos.
Available now in the Beta store

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woow really !
what store ??
MOD store ?

Yes, MOD Beta section:

Take a look here if you have not access to the Beta store: