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Hello friends. It’s very nice to chat with like-minded people. I’m a musician from Armenia who plays Armenian woodwind instruments. I would like to know if there is a user among us who plays wind instruments. Since we could chat and share useful information. In particular, I I would like to write a few questions and I really hope that the forum will help me with the information. 1. is there a holder among the plugins to continue the sound? 2. How can I record sound, because I recorded a track using the plugin but I don’t know how to play it. 3. Is there a plugin with which I could get a reverse. Thanks in advance to everyone, I hope to get information from good friends. Regards Norayr Kartashyan.


There is the infamous Stuck plugin :

There is also a beta plugin called Mr Freeze :

These plugins are far from perfect and somebody created a pedalboard that seems to have better results :


Hello Norayr,
For reverse effects, check the LP3 Looperlative, the dm-GrainDelay, the TAP reflector,
or my Mirrorz in the Beta store.
Have fun


Hi dear Zwabo thank you for your support. The thing is i can not install plugins from beta to my pedalboard.
Please can you explain me how i can do it. Thank you and greetings from Armenia.

Hi Noro,
You must enable “Show the beta plugins in the Store” in the advanced settings :

Hi Noro,
Did you install the plugin on your device ?

If not, go to settings

in Advanced : “Show Beta plugin in the store”

Then in the store be shure to have “Show Beta plugins” activated

Hi dear Zwabo , thank you very much your advice halps me a lot.
Love and respect.

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Hi dear Fankypou ,thank you for your support.Love and respect.